Imagine your health and energy levels have gone through the roof!

happy middle aged woman sitting on grass

What would this mean for your life? To close your eyes every night, feeling a real sense of satisfaction with the way you lived your day..To have the mental clarity to follow your creative pursuits…To wake up feeling youthful… For the past couple of days, I have been showing you how the Ultimate Vitality Boost […]

Have you ever been so low that you thought: “Nothing can heal me”?

I’ve been there many times. Before I got hit by a truck, I had been blessed with great health. Six pregnancies had been a breeze and I’d never had a day in bed for 25 years till my life came to a halt in 2006. It took me until 2013 to fully and completely recover. […]

Reflexology is great for you!

REFLEXOLOGY WEEKEND WORKSHOP with Grada Robertson 6th & 7th July9.30 – 5.30 @ 47 Wilmot Rd, FORTH $495 per person ($120 per day to revisit) Includes manual, relaxation, fun & food & new infoP:64283007 to reserve your spot or click the link below This workshop is for anyone who wants to deepen their connection with […]

Video: How to delete stress and bad behaviours

Elijah has severe auto immune issues and he needs regular healing sessions, so I grabbed the opportunity while he is here for a sleep over. Elijah has Pyroluria, which is usually inherited and affects your health negatively, making you feel stressed and anxious a lot of the time, causing inflammation, anaemia, blood or skin disorders, […]

If only I was good enough…

If only…. If only my baby would sleep all night… If only my partner would listen…. If only I had a million dollars in the bank.. If only I had more energy.. If only I had a better car… If only… I used to think constantly. If only I could have some peace and quiet.. […]