Shining the Spotlight on Elijah!

Elijah is our little warrior. Imagine having inflammation between your brain and skull, resulting in meningitis, once a week on average all your life. Imagine the suffering. The inflammation caused high-frequency hearing loss, and Elijah is very lucky that he hasn’t gone completely deaf and blind. Elijah, our twelve-year-old grandson, is very lucky to be[…]

23 Warning Signs You Might Have Parasites!

Lisa’ my 27-year-old client suffers from bloating, constipation and diarrhea. She has itchy dry skin, no appetite, cold hands and feet. She complains of teeth grinding, memory loss. Her medical tests revealed gluten intolerance, but she also has sensitivities to diesel fumes and perfumes. Today, she has enlarged glands, bladder cramps, dizziness, disorientation, and anxiety.[…]

Percy’s Powders is back in stock.

Percy’s Powders is back in stock! This blood builder is fortified with two extra minerals: potassium iodide and selenium which are usually deficient in Australian soils. Iodine is essential for the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland, the body’s energy regulator. An inefficient thyroid can produce a host of ailments, including fatigue, sluggish metabolism, dry[…]

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety!

Your vagus nerve is your secret Chill-Out-Machine! It’s the longest cranial nerve, connecting the brain to every other organ in your body. It carries information about pain, stress, touch, and temperature. It even controls the muscles in your throat and vocal cords. Your vagus nerve is the ultimate chill-out-machine because it signals the brain to[…]