Are you interested in preventing chronic illnesses and reducing acute pain?

‘Chronic diseases could kill 52 million people per year….’ I am reading in an article over my morning coffee. Hmm, that doesn’t surprise me. Today, our healthcare system works well when you have an accident or an emergency, but when it comes to chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, mental illness and obesity our[…]

What does reflexology have to do with a cow on my front lawn? A lot, as you will discover in this story.

I noticed a black shadow from the corner of my eye. First I thought it was a figment of my imagination so engrossed was I in writing one of my newsletters. Then I realized it was Caleb’s cow ‘Woca’ (a cow spelled backwards). What on earth is she doing right outside my window? Suddenly I[…]

Protect your health and learn how to make the most powerful antibiotic ever!

Learn how to make the Most Powerful Antibiotic Tonic Ever. It kills any infection in the body. Join Caleb at his fearless fermenting class on Saturday August 8th.  Protect your family from the winter blues and learn all about gaining Super Immunity without the flu shot or chemicals. Discover the benefits of cultured foods for health[…]


By Caleb Robertson Saturday 27 June9.30-12.30643 Forth RdForth$115 Learn how to make the best bone brothsCreate breakfast and lunch that pack a punch without sugars and ‘cardboardhydrates’.Discover how easy it is to feed your kids simple and nutritious lunches & snackswhile saving 100’s of $$$$$ Call the Purple Houseon 6428 3007 to enrol!! Paleo restaurants,[…]

From rolling pins to love letters and back again. How blood analysis can change your life!

Now I know how Jonah must have felt after he was swallowed up by the whale and spat out three days later. I have just emerged from the bowels of my house where I spent three whole days sorting, cleaning and moving out rubbish. It all started with that dreadful storm we had last Wednesday. The[…]