Yesterday I was involved in a small miracle.

Pete and I were taking a back-road home to Forth, when suddenly I noticed a large eagle in some low bushes.

We were going slow, because it was a windy gravel road, and I had an eerie feeling the eagle had been expecting us.

I almost made eye contact but I got distracted by its large, hooked beak.

A second later he soared in front of our car, with its 2.3-meter wingspan spread out sideways, as if to make sure we didn’t miss seeing out on seeing him, only to land on a tree a bit ahead of us.

We stopped and I hopped out to take a picture, expecting him to fly away.

To my surprise he didn’t move, and sat there posing while I fumbled in my handbag for my phone and hurriedly pressed the camera button before he flew off to higher grounds. I was thrilled!

All my life I have been fascinated by eagles.

Especially the wedge tail eagles in Tasmania, which are the largest birds of prey in Australia and around the world.

I have hundreds of photos of the times that they flew over our house or garden, back in the days when photos cost money to get developed….

Usually I ended up with photos of clear blue skies and 2 tiny black dots… nothing to see!

The kids would laugh at me for wasting my money.

It became a family joke.

But yesterday it was different, I was able to get up close and personal to an eagle!

Like this whole year of 2020 has been different.

How has 2020 been for you?

Our 2020 went off with a big bang with the birth of grandchild number 15, Fergus Cove Robertson, on 13th January. Fergus is Lucie and Tom’s 3rd child and he decided to pop out at the round about at Sulphur Creek!

Thankfully Lucie (who is tiny) survived in one piece!

Fergus is a big, beautiful strong boy, living up to his name, which means ‘man strength’ and we sure can do with some ‘divine masculinity’ on planet earth today!

I am not sure if his parents chose the name Cove first and then Fergus decided to be born in a sheltered cove, or whether it was an unconscious choice that turned out to be perfect!

Either way, the name Cove couldn’t have been more appropriate, because before we knew it, Co**d 19 appeared on the horizon.

First it seemed an innocent little storm cloud and Pete and I began teaching people how to survive the Rona on our FB lives.

This caught the attention of the TGA, and we were told to stop selling health products like iodine and to stop talking health, otherwise we would be charged with hefty fines or even a stint in jail.

After obtaining legal advice, we decided that this wasn’t a fight we could win.

And without selling products or being able to speak openly how to stay healthy, there wasn’t much scope to operate. This coincided with the start of the lock down, so we closed our doors to the Purple House at 643 Forth Rd.

Our beautiful team of lightworkers, who had stayed with us through thick and thin, disbanded at the end of March 2020.

I had just been operated on my foot, and was told to keep it up. But instead of resting, I was hobbling around packing up 2 decades of fond memories as the Purple House.

I didn’t know what felt worse: the pain in my broken foot or the dull ache in my heart, as I dismantled the lovingly created displays in the shop front and packed up the coffee shop.

Back at home we spent a whole week sorting through 10,000++ client history sheets, from people we had treated since 2000.

This triggered so many memories!

The paper shredder fainted after one minute so we ended up burning the rest of the files in a bonfire, which felt like a suitable ending to the world as we had known it.

How did the CoV*d storm affect you?

Pete and I were one of the luckier ones, we managed to continue working in a much reduced fashion, from our private residence.

Often when life takes an unexpected turn it triggers all sorts of reactions; sadness, anger, disbelief or grief or numbness, or even a tinge of relief…. I felt a mixture of all these.

The Purple House had been my life for 2 decades, and I had had no thought of closing it for another 20 years at least.

Do you feel like a tug of war is happening on the inside when you live in reaction? It is tiring!

I was like that…..

The larger wiser Grada said: just let it go.

But the little me said: Yes, but I want to go into the resentment of it, or the drama or the sadness of it! Let me live in reaction for a bit!

That’s when I need an eagle to fly into my face!

Eagles symbolize freedom and peace. They also remind me of inner strength. They have a higher perspective, and they catch the ‘updrafts’ so they can soar effortlessly, higher than any other bird.

These winds that they catch can be likened to streams of unconditional love.

When we feel hurt or challenged, all we need to do is open our hearts to the Universe and catch one of those ‘torrents’ of love and suddenly we rise above it, and the pain stops.

A really good way to go from a state of contraction/pain, to expansion is to ask yourself: Why is this happening for me?

We tend to think that things happen to us, but in reality they happen for us.

Why did I have to get hit by a truck in 2006? Why did this happen for me?

That question alone helped me to recover in a miraculous way, and caused me to write my book:
‘You Are The Miracle! How Being Hit By A Truck Saved My Life’

Have you noticed how crows hate the eagles? I am sure they are jealous because they can’t fly as high with such little effort.

Often crows fly annoyingly close to the eagle, trying to disturb the eagle’s flight path, but you never see the eagle attack or even engage with the crow.

They simply ignore them or fly higher, out of reach of the crow. And crows are always noisy, whereas you never hear an eagle…

How can I be more like an eagle and less like a crow? I asked myself whenever I was triggered in 2020.

Because I didn’t know it at the time, but 2020 turned out to be the year of the great AWAKENING.

Of having 2020 vision.

2020 vision means perfect vision, eagle eye vision.

The AWAKENING process is different to what you would expect.

I thought that awakening would be a beautiful light filled spiritual process, with angels singing from the roof, love and light everywhere…..

But as you know the opposite actually happened.

People have never been so divided or opinionated, intolerant, biased or hostile to each other.

That’s when I realized that the GREAT AWAKENING is all about seeing into the shadows. Seeing my own shadows and seeing into the dark shadows of humanity.

The purpose of seeing and integrating our shadows is to evolve and grow as humanity. To move toward unity, as we realize we are all the same.

Pete and I have been doing shadow work all of 2020, because the only way to move forward is to face it, heal it and integrate it so that we can live with greater capacity to give and receive love.

As a result, Pete and I now enjoy more intimacy and closeness than ever before.

(I can say just about anything to Pete and he doesn’t get triggered!)

I can assure you that this has not always been the case…. For many decades, Pete and I couldn’t talk about certain subjects, because they were too painful.

We had to contend with cultural differences (Dutch people call a spade a spade and the English don’t!) and being polar opposite in personality.

If we started a conversation about any of our differences after 4pm, we would end up in a big fight.

And our fights weren’t pretty! It involved me screaming and Pete shutting me off completely for days on end, till we made up, only to start all over again a few weeks later. We were trapped in our version of an abuse cycle.

We didn’t wish this kind of life on each other or our kids, we were simply operating from our unhealed wounds and shadows, and running on empty tanks!

As you can imagine, having a large family, an overwhelming mortgage and a business together can be a recipe for disaster.

But I am here to tell you that if Pete and I can make it through all these challenges, so can you!

I now know that we lived in resistance for many years.

And the resistance train goes into the opposite direction to the joy train.

You are either on the resistance train or the joy train, there is no in between.

How do you know you are on the wrong train?

You know you are on the resistance train when you don’t feel very good.

You have this feeling that things aren’t going to work out very well. Know that train? It is heading in the wrong direction.

It is full of fear, anxiety and overwhelm.

You might be feeling discomfort, tension or depression or low self-esteem.

You get triggered easily, and whether you show it openly or not, it causes you to feel even worse about yourself.

The trouble with resistance is that it doesn’t go away, because what you resist persists.

A big part of what caused you to be on the resistance train in the first place is your tanks are empty.

You are scraping the bottom of the barrel in the energy department.

When was the last time you didn’t feel tired?

Was it days, weeks or years ago?

What have you been doing in the way of self-care in 2020?

The more you fill up your tanks the less triggered you will be.

Some of the best ways to fill up your tanks is time out, time alone, eating healthy, quality time with your bestie, or a good friend, or pet, exercise time, having healing sessions and so on.

If you are feeling drained, you are not looking after yourself!

And if you are not looking after yourself, you are not only sending a message to SELF that I am not worth looking after, you are also sending this message to your closest loves – that they are not worth your best self either!

Here is what you can do to get off the resistance train, so you can hop onto the joy train…..

….. first of all you have to slow down the train, because if you hop off a train at high speed you are going to hurt yourself or die!

Slow down the train by slowing down your mind.

One way to slow down your mind is by meditating every day.

If you want to catch the joy train, meditation is not optional, it is a must.

When your mind is on overdrive, it gets fixated on everything that isn’t working out in your life!

Your mind is like those pesky, noisy crows that annoy the eagle.

And a flock of crows is called a ‘murder’ did you know that? If you are not careful, and believe every thought you think you are slowly murdering yourself!

Slow down your monkey mind, and question everything you think.

The eagle signifies your true self: your higher mind, your soul, your immortal timeless self, the part of you that can see beyond time and space, beyond the moment, the part of you that isn’t in a hurry, that connects into unconditional love and joy, the part of you that brings you joy!

Do whatever it takes to still your mind.

Instead of fixating on all the things that are wrong or could go wrong, write down what happened FOR YOU during 2020.

Anything you are grateful for….

Keep adding to it.

You can listen to meditations on YouTube, or tune into my ‘You Are The Miracle FM’ facebook recordings:
Join here –

I do a livestream to connect you into a great place every Thursday night at 8pm.

Spend time sitting under a tree, without distractions of your phone or laptop.

Go for a walk on the beach without your earphones.

Connect into nature.

Stare into the flame of a candle.

The name of the game is to come into this place of silence.

Silence is the best soul/body/mind medicine.

Keep coming back by feeling into your internal space, the stillness in the head, the love in the heart, the sensation of the pelvic area, and start to notice you don’t need much to happen for the joy to bubble up.

It always works, because you are JOY, LOVE AND PEACE in your essence.

All the tension, contraction and fixation isn’t the real you.

If you have been on the resistance train for a long time, I suggest that you breathe into the stillness of your body for the next 5 minutes after reading this email.

You will feel a sense of relief and release and your energy tanks will start to fill all by itself.

And if you feel like “I don’t have the energy for it right now”

Just start doing smaller things for yourself.

It isn’t always about the big things…

Have an early night tonight…

Do something that makes you feel a little better…

Scale up your self care….

Have a hot magnesium bath.

Stop the fixation of the Monkey mind that tells you that you can’t rest, that you don’t deserve love, or friendship, or happiness.

Pick yourself a bunch of flowers.

Do a little dance.

Buy a colouring in book…

Perhaps C*v*D was released on humanity to disrupt all our normal busy patterns, so we can stop DOING and remember we are human BEINGS.

And when we become more being, and less doing, we immediately begin to feel more joy.

We start to see each other through eagle eyes, recognising the sacredness of each other.

There is so much joy in being an eagle, because the sky is the limit!

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a wonderfully supported 2021!

We are open till 5pm Thursday and closed over the Christmas holidays. We reopen on the 6th of January!

BIG LOVE, Pete and Grada

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Xoxo Grada

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