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SATURDAY 7th April 2018
9.30 till 12.30

47 Wilmot Rd, Forth
PHONE 64283007 $110 per person
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You will learn the secrets to good health and enjoy a delicious smorgasbord of;

  • KEFIR,
  • KOMBUCHA, and other mouth-watering dishes that Caleb keeps under wraps till Saturday.
    With every mouthful you are winning the war for your immune and nervous system. Watch Caleb prepare sample dishes that will easily upgrade every meal you make at home. These meals will boost your health as they feature only those ingredients that feed beneficial bacteria, while excluding foods that irritate the lining of the gut or feed Candida or other bacteria! KIMCHI and KEFIR, a delicious probiotic drink fights inflammation, lowers cholesterol and supports weight loss.

Good health is Gut health.

Today finds me waiting around for Peter in the busy reception area of the Purple House when three women enter Alchemy Cafe. They had some questions about Maca powder. One of the girlfriends told me that after taking Maca Powder her thyroid started to swell up. Now she was too scared to supplement. Seeing she was standing right near the Maca capsules it was easy for me to pick up the bottle and check her energetic field for an adverse reaction.

There was none so I told the lady that from my perspective the Maca powder had been doing an excellent job of supporting the endocrine glands of her body. I assumed that her thyroid was starting to wake up from a long sleep and was now looking for iodine. Any swelling of the thyroid or thyroid nodules/cysts often points to an iodine deficiency. All the thyroid is trying to do is to enlarge itself to find/contain more iodine. I didn’t need any Greek or Latin from my high school days to put 2 and 2 together. In fact, after all those years I have forgotten every single letter of the Greek alphabet, but my old teacher used to assure us that Greek and Latin would help us to be organized housewives (male chauvinism was rife in the 70’s) and give us power of deduction. Today I must give him credit for that.

Now the other two ladies become interested and ask what I had been doing waving the Maca powder near their friend’s body. I explain that after years of finetuning and unblocking clients’ energy flow it’s now super easy for me to know what causes a stress to the body and what doesn’t. They still look sceptical. In fact, I can see the same suspicious look in their eyes that I used to get from my stiff and starchy missionary aunties after showing off artwork or playing a piece of music. Anything to do with whetting the creative juices was suspect and could lead to our downfall. Today that look makes me smile.

The second woman decides to test my ‘divining’ skills and asks if I could tell what is wrong with the third lady. Her friend had returned from China with a bad cold and was coughing all the time. Even after spending time in hospital and three courses of antibiotics later she was still bringing up green mucous. For a minute I weigh up whether to scan her energy field with my hands like I usually do in my room or whether to use my Greek and Latin/analytical brain. Before I realize what I am doing my mothering instincts take over and my left hand is scanning her energetic field. My hands always tell the truth. It tells me that her lung energy is OK today (which is a surprise even to me) but that the real trouble is in her tummy. Now my scientific brain kicks in and tells her that her antibiotics have probably ruined her gut health and if she doesn’t replace her 3 kilos of beneficial bacteria with something like Immuno-synbiotic/ Bioraculous/ Probiotics for life, she will be in deep trouble. Allow me to share why she is at risk of losing her health:

Your Immune System, The Gut and Health.

  • The gut is the largest organ in your body.
  • The small and large bowels have a combined length of about 6 meters
  • If you ironed out all the wrinkles the gut has surface area of a tennis court, about 2000m2
  • The inner wall is lined with fine mucous membranes. This is where it all happens: food is filtered and absorbed and mucous is produced which detoxifies the body
  • The small intestine excretes about 20 litres of mucous per day! (no wonder you need water)
  • Nearly all of this is reabsorbed by the large intestines except for a few hundred millilitres.

Now that we have uncovered these facts you can see that the Secret to Health is the content of your large bowel, the exact part of our body that we often feel too ashamed to talk about. Inside your large bowel an amazing absorption system is working round the clock. Its importance is to make sure that toxins are not being reabsorbed by the body. Intestinal bacteria bind with toxins and heavy metals and excrete them via the stools. Intestinal bacteria are of absolute importance for our life. These bacteria permeate our whole being with their primal energy, filling us with vitality when they are friendly or bringing on sickness and death when they are unfriendly.

Inside the lining of the gut mucosa are millions of tiny lymph-cell follicles. The gut embraces 80% of the lymphocytary immune system. This means that to build up immunity and to regain health and vitality intestinal flora and intestinal activity have to be restored.


What causes Unhealthy Gut?

  • Food allergies or ignoring food allergies
  • Not having enough beneficial bacteria or weak strains of bacteria
  • Wrong diet
  • Heavy metal contamination.

What are signs that you have an unhealthy gut?

  1. Digestive problems like gas and bloating, diarrhoea, constipation or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome
  2. Hay fever, sinusitis or rhinitis. Even when it is only seasonal it is usually to do with the gut and restoring gut health improves the symptoms
  3. Food allergies and intolerances are clues that your gut lining is inflamed or compromised
  4. Skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and acne. If the skin on the outside is inflamed the skin on the inside is inflamed as well. We are basically a stocking inside a stocking with a few bits in between and we need to heal the internal stocking first before our outside skin becomes radiant again.
  5. Moods and temper tantrums. There are as many neurotransmitters in the gut as there are in the brain. Toxins in the gut disrupt all your neurotransmitters and hence your production line of happy hormones is sabotaged. This can also mean anxiety, nervousness, ADHD and autism.
  6. Auto-immune diseases. Solid research confirms the link between unhealthy gut and auto-immune disease. The most common ones are Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Hashimoto’s thyroid, Lupus etc
  7. Autism is a complex issue. However there is solid evidence that when gut health is restored Autism improves.
  8. Joint pain is a classic symptom of an inflamed gut. Toxins that have been reabsorbed into the blood stream find their way into the joints and set up inflammation, which is just another way to get rid of toxins. (Like a furnace that burns away impurities). If this goes on for too long it can create structural problems.
  9. Worms and parasites. Once the gut lining is deteriorated it’s easy for worms and parasites to infiltrate the system. Symptoms are itchiness and all the ones mentioned above.

What can you do to heal unhealthy and leaky gut?

  • Remove suspected foods that cause problems. A kinergetics session is extremely helpful in indentifying offending foods. Heavy metal toxicity can also be neutralized and mineral levels can be restored. A kinergetic/healing session is a very small investment of your time and money, compared to expensive allergy testing procedures that are standard in the medical community which leave you $1000 out of pocket and you are still stuck with the problem. At the Purple House we identify the allergies/sensitivities within a matter of minutes and then we dissolve the reactions in your body, so you walk out minus the allergies you came in!
  • If you don’t want to commit to a kinergetic session a golden rule is to remove all dairy, gluten and sugar from your diet.
  • Kill harmful gut microbes and parasites with a supplement like Neem Blend, which is an effective all-round antifungal, anti parasite and antimicrobial herbal mixture. Take one capsule with each meal for a month and repeat the course after a couple of months. Your health immediately improves without an army of parasites.
  • Heal and re-seal the lining of the gut with Detoxicator or Sialeck.
    Re-inoculate your gut with beneficial microbes. A good quality probiotic like Immunosynbiotic, Bioraculous or Probiotics for life is helpful. Immunosynbiotic is a Pre-biotic as well, which means it contains fuel that friendly intestinal microbes thrive on.
  • Include fermented foods in your diet, like sauerkraut, kefir or kombucha. These fermented foods are cheap and easy to obtain. Organic sauerkraut and Kimchi can be obtained the Purple House. Alchemy Café has Kefir on tap, and we also give away Kombucha plants.

I have some anecdotal evidence on the healing powers of Kombucha: when we throw left over Kombucha plants to the chooks they start laying eggs like it’s going out of fashion. Decades ago when we had pigs they used to fight and squeal over the kombucha plants before any other tasty morsels much to the delight of the kids. We all know that pigs have good survival instincts. When Mieke, our 26 year old daughter was 4 she developed shingles. This is when we were first introduced to Kombucha. It rescued her from damage to her eyes because the shingles was stopped in its tracks instantly and she recovered within a few days. In those days the workings of Kombucha were a bit of a mystery to me, but now I know better! Kombucha grows in sugary black tea on my kitchen bench and shares the air we breathe. Apparently, the plant takes in all this information and brews the microbes that are most needed for our immune systems.
We should all have a celebratory glass of kombucha and raise a toast for world peace. When you consider that humans are 60% water and 90% foreign microbes which are in charge of our thoughts and feelings wouldn’t it make sense to create peace with friendly bacteria on the inside first? After the entire entire world population is nothing more than a bunch of cells. If the 90% of human bacteria were healthy and friendly we would be able to live in peace and harmony forever. Whether you agree or not, it gives me a good gut feeling …… till next time, Grada

PS: I forgot to tell you that it only takes your small intestines 3 to 14 days to regenerate healthy flora with a bit of help and the large intestine 14 to 30 days. How good is that! (On the other hand, if you haven’t repaired your gut after antibiotics it takes 5 years to regenerate on its own!)