Hi, there beautiful friends,
How are you doing?

I am doing this ‘life‘stream early because it has been a crazy few days for everyone and I want to make sure you are doing OK.

I was in a retreat for 7 days last week and it has been quite a shock to come back to ‘reality’.

Everyone is affected by the c-virus…

Even children and babies are picking up on the vibes.

I had to see a young teenager yesterday who couldn’t sleep, because of intense fears at night.

He couldn’t see the point of anything anymore..

Have you ever felt like that? Giving up, because you feel all your efforts amount to nothing in the end?

But thankfully my client felt restored and calm after the session.

All the uncertainty today creates a sense of extreme sensitivity and vulnerability.

Remember humanity shares 3 common fears:

1. The fear of emptiness/meaninglessness.
2. The fear of the unknown.
3. The fear of intensity.

And these 3 core fears all funnel into the fear of death, and right now we are suffering from collective shock.

We are witnessing the ‘death’ of our ‘cozy’ life as we knew it because one thing is for sure, life will never be the same again.

But nobody tells you what is on the other side of fear:



Tonight I want to talk to you about liberation.

About going from worry, stress and inner tension, into a state of surrender and unshakable peace with being at one with the Universe.

To get off the mental rollercoaster of trying to manage and control your circumstances, when it is outside your control.

If you are:

  • overwhelmed,
  • or panicked…..
  • or concerned about the health of your loved ones, your elderly parents or friends….
  • or your job is on the line,
  • the economy is crashing…
  • you don’t know what the future is going to hold for you…

This ‘life‘stream will give you some advice on how to stay calm and focused on the positive.

Boost your immune system to protect yourself.

Make the most of the time imposed in self-isolation.

Transform your fears into hope and power so you get the best possible outcome for your life!

This is not about managing your fear by doing breathing exercises or focusing on something else.

This is about dropping right through the fear-driven behaviours and thinking patterns, so you can connect with your own inner presence.

My clients and students know about the true essence of what we are.

They have experienced massive energy shifts in their bodies when they connected with their true essence.

So this is not about shaking off a virus (although I can assure you that your immune system will benefit from you doing this exercise daily),

or about recession proofing your business.

It is about you being less fearful, so you can tune into your infinite potential, the field of infinite possibilities.

So you can be awake and aware of what is going on around you and enjoy peace, calm and clarity and be a beacon of light for others.

Freedom is having choices.

blissed out couple

You have a choice of which way you want to go: into an unwavering calm and inner strength.

Or trying to manage and control the outer world and getting caught up in the craziness of it all!

I hope you choose to be part of the divine current of life as you drop out of fear into the loving inner being that you are.

Thank you so much, and please share this with your loved ones.

Stay tuned for Peter tonight as he will take you through a different practice to release fear and anxiety so you feel strong and confident in your future.

Peter will facebook live this at http://bit.ly/purplehouseforth at 7pm (Thursday).

Much love, Grada

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