From Pete’s Desk ….

“Speed, Accuracy and Support” are 3 of my favourite words!

I am conscious that the clock is ticking for many of my clients.

They need accurate support NOW, to get them off the rollercoaster of poor health, impacted finances and crumbling relationships.

Perhaps you can relate to Sonia, who came to our facilities after suffering a debilitating setback.  

“I came to the Purple House after my life had taken a turn for the worse.

Having always been an active person, I thrived on my independence.

I have been a teacher for years and in my spare time I used to bushwalk, garden and renovate my home.

One day I fell on my back and it hurt.

After experiencing stiffness for a week I went to the doctor.

I was diagnosed with sciatica.

The doctor suggested a routine blood test.

When the results came back it showed that my cholesterol levels were high and I was low in iron.

I was prescribed cholesterol lowering drugs and iron tablets.

After a while I started to develop more and more strange symptoms.

The pain got worse and now I was given anti-epileptic drugs for nerve pain.

I started to develop weakness in the legs and finally had to get around with the help of a walking stick.

Because I became physically in-active I developed high blood pressure and had to go on medication for that.

I was told it would be for the rest of my life and that is the exact point where the alarm bells started ringing.

In three short years I had gone from a healthy fifty something, independent woman to a wreck.

A friend told me to go and see the people at the Purple House and when I rang up it was decided that I needed to see Peter.

I had to fast for two hours and stay off all non-urgent medication the night before.

I had become so dependant that a friend had to drive me to Forth.

Peter then did tests on my urine and saliva specimens and we looked at my live blood on the computer screen.

Seeing my own red and white blood cells was a real eye opener.

Even though I wasn’t feeling too good, I was told that my blood picture looked fairly healthy which was heartening.

From the urine and saliva Peter could tell that I wasn’t drinking anywhere near the amount of water that my body needed and this was creating a lot of stress on the kidneys.

There were other imbalances but the thing that stands out was that the information was very thorough and the changes I had to make to my diet were easy.

I was told that the original cholesterol number wasn’t all that high and to get a second opinion.

I went to a doctor who agreed for me to leave off the cholesterol lowering drugs.

As I started to drink more water my energy levels increased.

I had a couple of treatments from Peter for the sciatica and after that I was able to go for walks again.

I now realize that some of the muscle weakness and other strange symptoms I experienced were a side effect of the cholesterol drugs because my strength returned fairly quickly.

The iron levels are now completely normal and that is without iron tablets.

The urine and saliva tests showed that my stomach acid levels were very low, so I wasn’t digesting my food properly.

I now take digestive enzymes with every meal and the fact that my iron levels are normal and have remained normal convinced me that Peters testing methods work.

As my energy levels increased, I became aware of certain childhood issues that I had completely blocked out.

I had never realized that there was such a black hole in my memory, but it felt very safe for me to receive coaching and emotional healing from Peter.

After the first session I felt more at peace in my own body than ever before.

Everything started to make sense.

Now I am going stronger than ever, and I will never take my health for granted anymore!

So, thank you Peter.

You know how to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the issue and you inspire me with your wisdom.” Sonia T.

I am glad to say that Sonia is still going strong.

I see her at regular intervals, making sure that she stays on track in every way possible.

Seeing clients like Sonia thrive after everyone had given up on her, inspires me to be even more dedicated to researching and addressing the root causes behind your pain and suffering.

My 40 years of chipping away ‘at the coalface’ of humanity has highlighted the need for a radical departure from chemical farming and pharmacy.

I am offering my clients and community a path where we can all work together to create a healthy future for our people and our planet.

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