Your conscious mind is the goal setter

Your unconscious mind is the goal-getter.

It’s meant to go after it. How often have you set a goal or target for yourself, put your heart and soul into it, only to fail once more?

Imagine if you could easily reach your goal this time around… how awesome would that feel?

This week I’m inviting you to think of something you want for yourself.

Give yourself permission to choose something special, just for you.

Think about it for a while and write it down. Make it worthwhile.

Now we are going to get our subconscious on our side.

If we build up trust or rapport with our subconscious, it will change the course of our life!

So think of something you might have dreamt about for a while.

The difference between a dream and a goal is that a dream doesn’t have a time limit.

A dream can be broken down into smaller goals, stepping stones if you like, with a time frame.

An example could be: I dream of being fit, vibrant and slim.

You might even have a fleeting image of yourself running around effortlessly in your active gear, looking fitter than you did in your teens.

It turns into a goal when you say: I have released 5 kilos by the end of December 2019.

Our Unconscious mind loves it when we get very specific, it responds well to firm guidance.

I once worked with a client who wanted to find her dream job and move to Adelaide, where her grown-up children and grandchildren lived.

We set her goal and cleared some issues and sabotages and we expected to see results within 2 months.

Over a period of 6 months, nothing happened.

Suddenly I realized that we had kept on saying the time frame: in 2 months time, and her subconscious had been pushing it out to 2 months literally.

It would have kept going like this forever, keeping my client stuck in Tasmania. So this time we immediately put a fulfilment date on her wish and have a guess what: she found her dream job, as well as a rental property right near her kids in Adelaide, spot on to the date we had set.

Our subconscious is our willing servant.

It is pretty much in charge of 90% of our being.

So why doesn’t this happen all the time?

That’s because the unconscious mind operates on a different set of rules than the conscious mind.

It is the realm of feelings, sensations, emotions and self-talk and pictures.

It listens to our conscious language, and it also hears all the 60,000 negative messages every day that we self-talk and are no longer conscious of.

This is where we get stuck… the handbrake stays on even while we are going full throttle.

Our body is also a truth detector and if it senses any incongruency, it won’t work for us.

So today I want to do a process that helps to heal the relationship between your conscious and subconscious mind, so you start seeing results easier, and your dreams and goals become a reality even if this has never happened for you before.

First I want you to think of something great for yourself.

What would you love to have, or be doing, or how would you like to be… it has to be something good and something you don’t have already.

Now we are going to use touch and breath.

We can lie or cheat to ourselves through words and thoughts, but our touch is true and our breath is true.

Our breath and touch can magically bring life to tired old cells and faded dreams.

Quite often we don’t dream or have goals for ourselves because when we did so in the past we suffered.

We might have said: “Something is really wrong here, nothing works for me”

Or: “nobody seems to care”

Or: “I can’t stand it any longer.. it’s killing me.”

We are often obsessed with fear of what’s going to happen if we fail, or disappoint people or ourselves.

We suddenly might feel out of control. We obsess that this has happened before and it didn’t work out.

So now, put your hands on your chest and really feel the intensity of this old pain:

Right now, nothing works for me.

I am helpless.

Breathe out through your mouth.

If you have any unresolved issues in your subconscious mind, you might get an emotional response during this exercise.

Now I want you to put on hand on your forehead and one on your tummy and say to yourself: I have parts that haven’t talked to each other for a while.

Now think of your new goal and tune into your body.

Feel for any stuck areas and put your hand there.

Now you can say to your body: I really am stuck here and I am sorry that I haven’t noticed this before.

Breathe some unconditional love into this area.
Now commit to wholeness

Think about your goal and say: I honour my total being.
Or I take my power back.

Breath in and out through your nostrils and have your hand on your heart.

Keep doing this for several more minutes and now watch your life unfold in the direction you have chosen.

Much love, Grada

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