Imagine there is a testing system that discovers exactly where your pain, lack of energy, mood swings or weight gain originates from.

A Biomedx Complete Health Analysis will do just that!

It includes around 26 chemical tests on your urine (which is filtered blood) and saliva (which reflects your lymph system).

It includes checking your resting and standing blood pressures, your blood sugar levels, and many other clinical tests.

The truth is: no two people are biologically identical.

A vitamin supplement that gives your partner a big boost may leave you tired and lethargic for days.

So what is the answer?

The answer is in checking all five fundamental control systems that most people have never heard of.

These systems are the engines that drive your body and mind.

When these engines are working efficiently you move through life with ease and energy.

When only one of these control systems is out, it causes hundreds and hundreds of adverse reactions in the body, causing you pain and suffering.

The beauty of Biomedx is that now we are able to search out the root causes.

Taking charge of your own health includes understanding as much as possible about the way your body functions or malfunctions.

In the video below Pete tells you how he discovered that many clients have a ‘catabolic’ imbalance since the start of the pandemic.

  • Do you always feel tired?
  • Can’t get to sleep at night even if you feel exhausted?
  • Sleep lightly, and wake up tired in the morning?
  • Do you feel grumpy and irritated easily?
  • Have you lost your nice personality and are stuck in a nightmarish version of yourself?
  • Are you prone to IBS, or tend to have loose bowels?

These could be red flags that you are catabolic and that you are living off your core energy.

Tune in to the video below, to see if you fit the bill and what the long-term health implications are.

We also share a simple solution.

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