Hey you fellas, have you ever been in a situation when your other half doesn’t get out of your ear… she keeps on nagging …then you make the fatal mistake of calling her ‘hormonal’ and now you have made it a hundred times worse?

If you relate to this, keep on reading..

And you girls, are you sick of your partner’s behaviour and wish he’d just clear out?

Maybe he’s in one of his moods where he has become monosyllabic just when you want some meaningful time together, some love and connection?

Let me tell you about Grada and me…

This is exactly what was going on in our household recently..

If you asked either one of us you probably would’ve heard a different story from each of us… Probably best if you don’t ask!

Do you want to hear our solution?

We both became totally stoned.

Totally chilled out and then wondered what we had been bickering about. All the tension evaporated.

It even dissolved where we had felt tight, contracted muscles.

We became completely relaxed and the quality time that evaded us earlier in the day was now effortless.

But… surprise surprise, we experienced none of the hallucinatory effects of the normal way of getting stoned.

We’d booked each other a beautiful hot stone massage with Tina and I don’t know about Grada, but I became thoroughly blissed out.

Ninety minutes of pure bliss.

I concentrated on breathing slowly in and out… in and out…. to help quieten my overactive monkey mind and it turned into one and a half hours of deep meditation.

The minute Tina placed the heated stones along my spine, across my tense shoulders, then using more oiled hot rocks on my calves and hammies, the tension released.

I’m pretty sure I dropped off a couple of times when smaller very warm pebbles were used to stimulate the reflex points on both feet!

The heat from the rock permeated deep into the muscles, causing waves after waves of relaxation to flow through my body.

I hadn’t realised how much I needed healing.

More slow waves of soothing heat caused me to drop deeper into relaxation till I became completely light filled, the exact opposite to how I’d felt upon arrival.

There were more pleasant surprises as Tina placed two lines of heated stones on the bed.

I then had to turn and lie down on my back and amazingly enough, they lined up to push deeply into the muscles either side of my spine as I eased myself onto them. Surprisingly they weren’t uncomfortable, as I’d imagined they would be.

Tina continued to iron out little knotted areas in my quads and arms. My tight headache tension eased when she made circular moves over my forehead and temples using the smaller pebbles while tiny flat stones between my toes completed the reflexology part of the treatment.

Large oiled stones to soothe the abdomen and chest completed the miraculous transformation! I went from feeling crabby, misunderstood and undervalued to feeling completely in love with life (and wife).

So guys; before you ruin your relationship, book in with Tina for what I believe is one of the best relaxing and transformational sessions I have ever experienced.

And you’re sick of your fella sulking around not talking or paying you the attention you deserve, wait no longer and arrange a hot stone massage with Tina now. You will be surprised at the transformation!

Yours to a happy life!

PS: while you are at it book the both of you in so you can both experience being totally stoned without having to use weed!