Today we are bombarded with God only knows what.. …and nobody teaches us to trust in our own AMAZING immune system.

Especially with all the different viruses around these days.

We can’t deny that it is OUR OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM that keeps us healthy.

Science has long proven that more than 80% of your immune system resides in the gut.

Consisting of trillions of little critters called bacteria (that we were led to believe cause disease.)

Ever since Pasteur coined the idea that we had to protect ourselves from those ‘nasty germs’, we have been destroying one of the most important ecosystems in the world;

The human ecosystem.

(Pasteur ‘repented’ from his hypothesis on his death bed. He admitted that bacteria were important, but this fact was conveniently suppressed.)

Did you know that over 90% of the DNA you carry around isn’t even human?

It belongs to the bacteria that live in us and on us.

We are one teeming natural life producing system.

We play host to around 100 trillion microbes!

Recently there has been a lot of research into what is known as spore-forming probiotics.

These are often soil-borne bacilli.

These spores actually protect the bacteria from harsh environments, such as the hydrochloric acid in our stomachs, the caustic pancreatic enzymes and bile.

It has been proven they help heal what is known as “leaky gut”.

Up to 50% healing of the gut lining was achieved following a 30-day course of these spore-forming bacilli.

They are activated once they are safely within the intestine where they restore normal permeability to the gut lining.

Most of the non-spore-forming probiotics are destroyed by the acid in the stomach, then the other digestive juices in the duodenum.

Especially if they are in liquid form or the capsules dissolve in the stomach.

I recommend people have fibrous food sources of fermented foods every day, such as sauerkraut, to increase the chances of improving the microbiome and thereby improving the immune system.

These often include some of these spore-forming bacteria as well.

And did I say soil-borne bacilli?

Please allow your children to play in the dirt from a young age to boost their immune system.

Don’t be too pedantic about the cleanliness of your homegrown veggies.

Another way to increase great gut restoring bacteria is to get a dog who runs outside by day and inside at night.

They bring with them a host of life forms which are indeed good for us.

Research confirms that people who own a dog usually live longer lives than those who don’t.

We always thought it was because they give unconditional love to their owners.

Now here is another scientific reason.

Dogs love to roll in rotting material to their heart’s delight.

Rather than pull up our noses, we need to allow our furry friends to share their bounty (the trillions of health giving bacteria fresh from nature) with us, so we are the benefactors.

All jokes aside, if you are looking to fortify your immune system:

There are encapsulated spore-forming bacilli which store perfectly at room temperature waiting to be activated in your gut lining, itching to get to work repairing the holes.

Just like road workers filling potholes, but with a bit more eagerness!

These spore-forming bacilli withstand antibiotics and keep the microbiome a lot happier in case you need a course of them.

Here is a fascinating fact that surfaced while researching the effects of antibiotics on the human microbiome:

Other members of the family who didn’t have the antibiotics had microbiomes that were affected adversely as well.

This happened by just living in the same house!

Apparently 90% of the dust in our houses is made up of human cells, mainly skin cells, covered with bacteria.

Thousands, millions, trillions of them!

We probably end up having very similar microbiomes as the people we cohabit with, without realizing.

That antibiotic study really proves we need to be replenishing our good gut flora every day, even when we are healthy.

Grada used to comment about my mum’s housekeeping skills quite a lot after she migrated from Holland where cleanliness was akin to Godliness.

There, every day was assigned a cleaning duty; Mondays, windows. Tuesdays, floors. Wednesdays, bedding etc. The dusting was done every day without fail.

Yes, it is safe to say my good old Mum detested housework.

There was often a lot of dust and maybe dirt around the place.

But have a guess what? My Mum lived to be a day less than 95 years. She was healthy and happy most of her life.

We also always had cats and dogs on the farm and plain old dirt didn’t hurt anyone but conversely kept us well!

There is a good podcast by Luke Storey, “The Lifestylist” interviewing two researchers in the same field that explains their benefits.

I have included a couple of articles on the spore-forming probiotics:

Balance Bacteria with Spore-Based Probiotics

Dig Up The Dirt On Spore-Based Probiotics

If you are interested in these spore-forming bacilli for your health please email us on or send us a personal message.

We would love to hear about your experiences.

Yours to great health!