Kidney stones, gall stones…..both cause a lot of OUCH.

Last week we talked about kidney stones and what you could do about them.

Both prevention and a way to get rid of them.

Please take a look back at last weeks blog if you missed it.

Why I am mentioning it again is because we had a few questions whether the same coke and asparagus kidney stone recipe would also help for gallstones.

The incidence of gallstones is estimated to be between 25-30% of Australians over the age of 50 according to the RACGP website.

When I first started nursing in the early 80s the criteria (if you can call it that) for gallstones was quite different.

When someone presented to hospital with right upper abdominal pain did they fit into the five Fs paradigm?

Female, fair, fat, forty and fertile?

If they did these poor ladies often left the hospital a few grams lighter.

That is, minus their gallbladders.

I’m not quite sure why only female and fair but fat meant they had also deposited fat stores in their liver in the form of little cholesterol/ fat balls.

The liver is where stored fat is deposited first. It clogs up all the little ducts in the liver so the bile doesn’t flow and when they ate fatty foods they felt nauseous and sick.

We need the bile to digest the fats, which by the way is the best fuel source for our body’s cells to function properly with.

This meant that these people would eat mainly carbohydrates for energy.

When we eat too much high starch carbohydrates they convert to a lot of sugar.

Excess sugar that our bodies can’t use gets converted to fat storage for when food disappears or rather when it is meant to disappear in winter.

It never does nowadays.

We get hungry and we eat again.

Then these small globules of fat travel down the bile ducts, some get trapped in the gallbladder and then calcify.

They start causing trouble each time the gallbladder contracts!

The forty and fertile meant that usually these women had finished having children and were on the contraceptive pill.

This pill, which is meant to constrict the ovarian duct to prevent the egg travelling up to be fertilised, also constricted the tiny ducts in the liver and stopped the bile flow even further.

The women then couldn’t tolerate any fats at all and ended up relying solely on carbohydrates and sugars for energy.

Did you know our bodies can only cope with one teaspoon full of sugar at any one time, about 4 times a day, before it starts converting it to fat? This fat is meant for fuel for the winter, which never comes anymore with regards to food production.

The flour from one slice of bread will convert to 6 teaspoons worth of sugar once we eat it!!

Then the problem is further exacerbated.

Have you ever experienced the pain of gallstones?

Calcified stones in the gallbladder cause immense amounts of pain each time the gallbladder contracts.

Note that word “calcified”.

You need to soften these stones to be able to expel them.

Magnesium causes calcium to become to become “softer” you could say.

Calcium causes most of the stiffening and hastens the ageing process whereas magnesium makes you more flexible, feel younger and creates stronger bones.

Below is the liver/gallbladder cleanse which includes magnesium sulphate drinks.

It softens the gallstones, after which you drink olive oil mixed with grapefruit juice.

This causes the liver and gallbladder to contract like crazy while you sleep and the stones are expelled into the bowel from the liver and gallbladder.

Prior to doing the liver/gallbladder cleanse I always recommend people take 2 Beetflow, 3 times a day for a couple of weeks then continue with one each meal thereafter to assist the bile to flow properly.

Swedish Bitters is another true and tried tincture of bitter herbs that are very beneficial for the liver.

Taken prior to meals in some water (about a capful), it assists digestion and has been known to relieve acid reflux.

Another unorthodox way to relieve stress (or shit on the liver) is to go for a drive by yourself or for a walk out into the bush and scream and yell your frustrations at the top of your voice.

If you want those gallstones gone so you can enjoy your nice fatty meals once more without discomfort and nausea, come and buy your Beetflow and Magnesium on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Or give us a ring on 0428283007 and we can post them out to you.

Much love, Pete and Grada