“Can I tell you a story about the Ancients who lived on earth many many years ago?” I ask my 9-year-old twin grandsons Elijah and Cohen.
We are standing near the edge of the Forth River. Peter and Cohen had just washed the stinky eel goop from their hands in the cold sparkly river water. Only minutes earlier they had ‘wrestled’ a huge eel from a dry dam bed across into another dam filled with murky water. It was a bit of a struggle, and their arms had been covered in slime.


“The Ancients believed that there are forces all around us, to look after us. They called them angels. They believed that when they arrived here, they were greeted by the angels of light, water, earth and wind. Because they were angels, they were able to have a direct relationship with these forces of nature.” Cohen’s big eyes hook into mine. I could see the cogs and wheels in his brain mulling over this surprising piece of information. Perhaps he was thinking I was finally losing my marbles.

Elijah was all ears and squinted up at me. His eyes lacked Cohen’s brightness. They were a bit cloudy today. Elijah’s health has been precarious since birth and he has suffered more pain in his little body than most people would over many life times. I could tell that being out in our forest, near the edge of the fast-flowing river, was clearing up his energy field. Pete, who had emerged from washing his hands in the river was observing us from a little distance away. I was conscious of Pete’s loving healing energy, and how it made the twins feel strong and safe, so I decided to do a short breakthrough session with the boys.

“Close your eyes and tune into the breeze.

Imagine it’s your friend, like the Ancients used to do. Can you feel it on your face? It feels like soft strokes on my cheeks. And now it’s gone again. What is it trying to tell you?” I secretly relished in the fact that they still admired me enough to follow my instructions, crazy as this seemed on a Saturday morning in broad daylight.

After a minute they open their eyes and look at me blankly.

“I feel nothing,”… Cohen pipes up.

“Ok, now close your eyes and listen to the river. Imagine the river is an angel of water and it is trying to tell you something…. Tune into your body and listen for what that message might be….. “

The three of us stand in tight formation, with our eyes closed, as we listen to the gurgling sounds of the water splashing over the rocks and swooshing down past us on its way to the ocean.

Eventually, Cohen opens his eyes.

“I think the water angel says it’s been missing me.”
“Why would it say that?” I proffer gently.

The twins have gone very silent and Cohen is starting to yawn. Yawning during a healing session often means that unconscious energy or information is being released, so I wait patiently.

After ages, the twins still don’t know the answer. In between yawns they keep telling me how sleepy and heavy they feel.

“When somebody says: they have been missing us, doesn’t that mean we have been ignoring that person? We haven’t been paying them any attention.”

Elijah nods in agreement. I can tell he gets it immediately. Elijah has spent so much time lying around or being in the slow lane, that he’s had eons of time pondering over the mysteries of life. While we think he is missing out (on fun activities), we, the busy beavers, are probably the ones losing out!

He is still fully open whereas Cohen has trouble connecting to his feelings (the subconscious realm), even though he is only 9. I feel a pang of anxiety that my beloved grandchildren are slowly but surely losing touch with themselves as they are growing up. I know it is inevitable, and I am hoping and praying that they at least stay curious to the Universal energies in and around them.

I decided to step it up a bit. “Can I tell you what I think the River Angel might be saying? I think that she is saying that she loves you. You are loved and perfect just the way you are. That you are always enough. That you can be yourself, you don’t need to hide behind your personas.”

It is easy for me to reach that conclusion because my heart is bursting with love. If I love my grandkids to death, wouldn’t the Universe love them even more?

“Do you know what personas are?

Some people always want to be a ‘good person’, others play the class clown or the naughty boy, or a smart boy, or the genius, or a sporty person. These are all traits and labels that we hide behind. The angel of water wants you to know that you are a perfect being just the way you are.”

“Wait!” Cohen says.

“I get it. I am hearing the words: I am a tortured boy…”

“Alright, I answer quietly.” It feels like a sacred moment. I remain very still because I don’t want to break the spell or release the tension that is building up in Cohen’s body. He is finally feeling something, and unless you feel it, you can’t heal it!

“What about you Elijah?”

Elijah is looking down with his fist closed over his heart. 
“I am weak.” He says. “Sometimes I want to reach out and help people, and then I am told I can’t do it because I am so weak…. ” His voice trails off into a small sob.

Cohen is all ears and gives Elijah his full presence now. I am in awe of the connection between Cohen and Elijah. They are zig and zag and yet they totally get each other. Cohen knows not to comfort Elijah. He is simply giving him space to feel the hurt. Elijah starts to cry softly when Cohen asks him if feeling weak makes him feel like a failure or a nuisance.

I let those words take effect and then decide we have gone deep enough. It’s time to release the tension.

I tell them to close their eyes again.

“Close your eyes and Cohen, you put your hand on the spot where you feel the tortured boy. (Cohen puts his hand on his tummy.) Elijah, you touch your body where you feel the pain of your weakness. (Fist remains on his heart).

Now, take a deep breath in and welcome in the tortured boy and the weak boy. Just simply allow them to present themselves to you and welcome them in with love. Listen to the river and feel the wind stroke your body as you do that……” I continued to talk them in this vein for a minute or so and then got them to connect themselves to the centre of mother earth and to open their eyes when they are finished.

A few seconds is all it takes.

The boys open their eyes. They are looking bright and refreshed. No yawning now. The tortured and weak boys are fully integrated into their nervous systems and will never stress the twins out again. Elijah’s energy field looks as clear and bright as the sparkly river.


We start our journey back home, through our enchanted forest of deciduous trees and past the mysterious labyrinths and mazes. We talk about guardian angels, elves, gnomes, and other invisible beings as if it’s the most normal conversation on earth. The boys are looking rested. The ducks greet us near the edge of the dam.

“I dreamt of a big snake last night!” Cohen suddenly exclaimed.
“You must have had a premonition?” I asked Cohen. “It wouldn’t surprise me; snakes and eels look very similar. When you dream about snakes, that is a good thing, because snakes are symbolic of transformation. Do you know what that means?”

Cohen shakes his head.

“Transformation means positive change.

The snake leaves his old skin behind to start a new chapter. He is a picture of renewal. If you are struggling with something and you dream about snakes, it is often a reminder to look for the silver lining around the cloud.”

There is no sign of the eel now. He has returned to the murky depths of the underworlds where he belongs. I am sure he is feeling free and happy and probably saving up the energy to start his journey to the Coral Sea. Tasmanian eels are fascinating creatures. Once they hit maturity, their hormones kick in and they begin the return journey to where they came from, often somewhere near the top of Queensland in the Coral Sea. Eels can even traverse 100-meter-high dam walls, so strong is their instinct to return to the open seas.

This enormous creature in my dam has seen more of the planet than I have!

I feel so blessed to be living in Tasmania with my tribe of 14 grandchildren (and grown-up kids), where I have the freedom to work as a healer with our community.

When I work with clients, I connect with a power that transcends religion, science, and traditions.

It is the power of the Universe, the power that can heal everything. You could call it life force, Prana, Chi or Divine Love, Unconditional love; it is all the same.

My mum used to fear her inherent psychic powers and I don’t like to label myself psychic. I am more open than most people, that’s all. I have the ability to track invisible energies and I can see where it gets stuck in the body. I know how to release it, so you feel free and at peace. It gives the body a chance to get on with the healing process.

Our subconscious mind houses our darkest memories and traumas. It is also the realm of Miracles. Isn’t it ironical that Miracles emerge from the darkest place in our being? Miracles don’t arise from our conscious thinking mind. You can’t think a miracle into existence, yet that is what most of us try to do. Miracles don’t happen till our conscious mind has moved aside for a bit and we start tuning into our subconscious mind and grow a healthy respect for it.

The Sufi poet Rumi said:

“What strange beings we are, sitting in Hell at the bottom of the dark. We are afraid of our own immortality.”

Working with thousands of clients, as well as healing my own traumas, I realize that not only are we scared of our own immortality/mortality, we are sometimes even more afraid of the power we have been given to heal our pain and anguish.

What if we had the power to truly heal all the suffering in the world? Where would that leave us?

I would like to invite you to come to terms with your inner child and connect with your superpowers. To start seeing your life from a different perspective; with curiosity and playfulness, even when you are trapped in pain. You can overcome great odds. You are so much more than the slippery eel in my dam, and yet he can travel for thousands of miles, guided by his inner navigation system following an inner urge.

What if you had your own guardian angel who never left your side? What if there is an immortal self inside you, an inner guru that knows you better than anyone else? This inner being wants to connect with you on all levels and dimensions, from the smallest cells to the outermost part of your aura so you can feel secure and relaxed, even during stressful times.

If you would like to get a taste of living an inspired life, reconnect to your essence and transform your suffering into personal power, please choose to attend one of my following workshops.


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