Free: Essential Oils Presentation in Smithton

Bring along your friends and family

Where: Wyndarra Centre, 43 Smith St, Smithton 7330

When: Sunday 1st October 12- 2 pm

 During this fun and interactive session, we will touch on:

  • How essential oils can positively affect your emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Specific essential oils to support your health, mood and spirituality.
  • How to use essential oils around the home for cleaning, cooking and living a non-toxic lifestyle
  • Essential oils and children – learn how to manage their moods naturally and what oils you should have in your emergency toolkit
  • How to select the highest quality essential oils to gain the full health benefits
  • Time permitting, we will make delish, healthy chocolate to eat 20 minutes later!

So why would you leave your nice cosy home and brave the weather for another essential oil session? The answer might be that you never know where a Young Living essential oil journey can take you. When I first started using YL oils in 2000 I never could have dreamt that one wintry afternoon I would teach my twin grandsons how to make their own chemical free essential oil infused shampoo, conditioner, men’s cologne, lip balm and more. They already know how to make healthy chocolates using raw ingredients and adding essential oils of their choice so today I decided to broaden their horizon and branch out into skin and personal care.

While I made the twins write out the recipes by hand, I couldn’t help thinking about my YL journey. For the first 15 years I totally wasn’t interested in sharing the oils with anyone. I had tunnel vision. I was always so busy that I didn’t recognize the business opportunity that was staring me in the face. I just wanted to enjoy the oils myself and lavish them on my clients. When I first joined YL the company was much smaller. We had to ring up for our monthly order and was often too busy to make phone calls, I used to mainly order the Thieves cleaning kit. With 6 kids, two adults, several pets all living on 8 acres, and doing the washing and cleaning for the budding clinic in our back yard, a pantry full of Thieves products didn’t go astray. If I had any full kits left over by Christmas, I used to give them away as presents.

This was before our premium starter kit, so in between ordering the Thieves I used to order the 10 every day oils. I think it contained ‘peace and calming’ in those days, which always came in handy. I remember my very first massage client in 1999. She could only come at night. Peter was at work as a nurse and younger kids didn’t want to go to bed. They didn’t want to miss out on mum’s new business venture and I didn’t want to risk hearing any screams of murder in the dark (one of their favourite games) coming from the house during my very first session. Our clinic had 2 brand new rooms and a third one in the making so I sprinkled ‘peace and calm’ essential oils all over Peter’s carpet and massage bed and told the kids to stay put in the room next to mine for the next hour. That way they felt a little bit included and I could keep a close ear on them.

I think the oil helped, because they behaved like model children, for that one time at least. Yes, my kids were lucky enough that they a childhood sprinkled with YL essential oils, mixed in with Bach flower remedies, as well as home grown garlic (we used to grow them for commercial use at one crazy stage of our lives) fermented foods (slimy yoghurt because it didn’t always turn out perfect but they ate it anyway) and homemade bread. After all that effort on my part, all Caleb remembers from his childhood is that he was always starving!

Strange, because all I recall from those decades are the manic cooking sprees at least every 5 days : I would churn out 6 loaves of bread, trays of biscuits, and usually 2 apple cakes all made with healthy ingredients. The bread was delicious for the first day, which meant we usually devoured 3 loaves on the spot, and the last 3 loaves would take us another 6 days to munch through. Apparently, the kids used to be so embarrassed they chucked their homemade sandwiches with honey or cheese in the bushes. At least I kept the wildlife happy! I also used to wheel 2 supermarket trolleys full singlehandedly every time I made a trip to the big smoke (Scottsdale). Needless to say, those carts were full of specials to fill 8 hungry tummies 3 times per day. We lived at the back of beyond, at the end of a dirt road, surrounded by Crown Land in a remote part of Tasmania.

Now I think that Caleb probably had worms and needed a good dose of Thieves house hold cleaner to clean out his insides, but I wasn’t introduced to the oils till a few years later, after we moved to Forth and started our business. Eating bread and biscuits has long gone out the window. The carbs have made way for fats. When you enter my house today you are met with smells of bone broth simmering on the stove (I am still in the habit of cooking enormous pots) blended with a myriad of essential oils coming from 7 diffusers in different corners of our rambling house.

Now that I don’t have to spend any money on the kids, I love to reward myself with essential oils and probably have the largest collection on the NW, followed not far behind by my kids, who, like me are walking diffusers.

Essential oils are for better or for worse. I kept on using them during one of the worst experiences of my life, when I got hit by a truck out the front of the Purple House, just after we had purchased the building in 2006. My pelvis and back collided with the tray of the truck and I was left on the tarmac like a bag of broken bones. Strange enough I didn’t lose consciousness and instructed Peter to bring the oils to my future abode: the Alfred Trauma hospital in Melbourne. My main concern was to stay alive for the kids and if I stayed alive, to be a fun grandma for my future grandchildren I envisioned. Peter used neat Lavender oil on my back every time I was log rolled. This was obviously not part of the nursing protocol but the medical staff kindly turned a blind eye. If you must use one essential oil that does it all, use Lavender. It is the swiss army knife of the oils. It worked wonders for me. It might even have kept me alive during those first months, because I couldn’t eat much and was using up enormous amounts of energy to stay alive and to heal.

I recovered very well, considering how bad my injuries were, but I still spent the following 7 years in and out of hospitals with acute bowel blockages due to the internal injuries. Finally, my life came to a crunching halt at the start of 2013 and needed lifesaving surgery. I woke up to the smell of ‘panaway’ in my room. The bottle of essential oil had somehow exploded all through my personal gear in my bedside cabinet, even though it has a childproof cap. Obviously the Universe was looking after me once again, but I couldn’t muster up any gratefulness because I was so traumatised that the smell made me gag. I couldn’t stand it for years, but today I enjoy ‘panaway’ and to me that means that I have fully recovered, probably partly due to panaway, because it is a powerhouse. Being an essential oil can be a thankless task!

After a long and convoluted relationship with YL, I finally started sharing the oils in 2015. I discovered that I love the networking side of the business. It has given me a chance to get to know many people (incl my clients) on a whole new level.

All my resistance to network marketing disappeared when I finally bothered to look at the fine print. I concluded that there is a conspiracy theory against network marketing because it offers people a world of opportunity not found in any other sector. In our patriarchal society networking is sometimes despised. Why? Because women are great networkers, and now women can monetise that strength and become financially independent. That doesn’t just mean you, me or our neighbour, there are also opportunities for women in countries less wealthy than Australia, to raise their living standards. Strangely this is considered a threat to the establishment, hence network marketing is given a bad rap. Yet if you look at the statistics, living standard improve greatly in areas where women have been given microloans and business opportunities. That is because women in power perceive the world as ‘us’, are community minded and want world peace whereas the alpha males in government often have a big “I” problem.

In network marketing, there is equitability. You work harder, you earn more money. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. This isn’t the case when you work for Coles, Woollies, the bank or the government. These companies represent the true pyramid scheme that everyone is so scared off, where all the profit goes to the top with very little benefit for the small person at the bottom of the ladder who puts in the hard yards. I am very happy to be part of a company like Young Living, because they have improved the lives of millions of people all around the world, the soils on their farms only get healthier each year, money gets poured into the communities around the farms and profit goes into research, more products and distilleries, business and educational opportunities for everyone involved, from the smallest to the greatest YL member.

YL has a vision for every single human being on earth to have access to therapeutic grade essential oils as well as money. I personally have a vision for every family to have its own ‘healer’, a go-to person who offers useful and practical advice, not only in times of (dis)stress, but also in every day moments, like I did today with my 8-year-old twin grandsons. My only regret is that I don’t have more time to spend with our 14 grandchildren (or children)! Almost 20 years have passed since I first became a YL member and the struggle to find balance hasn’t changed. Gary Young himself needs only 4 hours sleep per night, but I bet he still doesn’t have enough time to fulfil all his dreams and aspirations.

This meeting will offer something for everyone, whether you are new to the oils or whether you have used them for year. I am looking forward to seeing you there! Grada