There are many obstacles on the road to recovery and sometimes it requires us to step outside the medical parameters of lab tests and blood results to find a cure, as was the case of our client below.

‘I was sitting in the psychiatrist’s office to receive the official diagnosis. Finally the need to know had outweighed my fear of knowing. I was forty five years old with symptoms that had begun in my thirties, but perhaps when I think back they might have started as early as age 12. I can’t remember much about my earliest childhood.

Perhaps I had been in denial all my life, but the gradual worsening of my symptoms in the last 10 years left me without an option: there was no more denial, something needed to be done, I needed medication. For instance I used to love going to the pool to do laps, but I had become hypersensitive to sounds and smells and I found that I was too exhausted to do more than a few paddles.  Going to the supermarket I often had to leave in a hurry because I felt as if I was going to pass out. After I had calmed down I would have to go back in and start all over again. In the end it was easier to leave the shopping chores to my husband. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt real calm or capable.

Blood tests had shown nothing abnormal so I trudged on. The routine of going to work saved my sanity but was taking its toll every day. I was no longer the wife and mum I wanted to be and in the back of my mind I was considering divorce, not because I didn’t love my husband, I did, but to allow him to have a better life without me.

The psychiatrist told me that I suffered from chronic depression/anxiety with borderline OCD and gave me prescription drugs. I took them every day and even though they helped me cope I didn’t feel a substantial change. I suppose what I was longing for was for ‘something’ to shift before I myself gave way.

A year passed without much difference although I had been able to take up swimming and going to the gym again. I noticed on a few frightening occasions however that I started to have more serious thoughts about ending it all. I remember one time standing in front of my block of kitchen knives and thinking just how easy it would be to slice my wrist above the sink and how peaceful it would be. I could just go to sleep forever.  It was one of those crystal clear intensified moments where time stands still.  If the thought of suicide (because that is what it was) gave me such a sense of relief, I must have been a lot worse than I thought.  I had obviously lost myself in the hectic-ness of family life and the daily routine of going to work, coming home, catching up on housework and going to the gym and tricked myself into believing that my problems had been solved.

The medication had taken the edge off things but had taken its toll with brain fog and chronic lethargy which made every simple task a huge effort. Where was the bubbly, independent, outspoken and opinionated me gone? Thank goodness for my best friend, a woman in her fifties who had struggled with symptoms similar to mine, who took me to the Purple House.

I was familiar with natural therapies, and even had regular massages from a local person but this was a completely different experience. My session included looking at my own live blood as well as kinergetics and it gave me a complete ‘reading’. It was as if my whole life was spelled out to me. The blood showed that my immune system was undermined with chronic Candida, which made perfect sense to me when I discovered that Candida causes mental fog and lethargy. My Red blood cells were stuck together and I wasn’t digesting my foods very well.  

The kinergetic session uncovered quite a few issues from my early childhood, things that I can’t remember, but it was explained to me that it is impossible to have a good memory when you are as mineral deficient as I was. With encouragement from the friendly people at the Purple House I began to drink more water and started to add Himalayan Salt to my food and water. As my treatments continued, I became more involved and less reticent to implement the list of suggestions that was given to me, which included eating more fats, having regular protein meals and boosting my magnesium and iodine levels and supplementing with Betaine HCL  ( I had chronically low stomach acid levels) and enzymes.

While cutting back on sugar, alcohol and empty carbohydrates (these all feed the toxic Candida) and increasing good fats/proteins were relatively easy to incorporate into my life, I found the meaning of ‘spiritual health’ harder to understand. Words like ‘DNA’ memories, ‘generational’, or ‘past lives’ were mentioned regularly and I found them least helpful. I could hardly remember what I had for breakfast, much less recall what my grandparents had for theirs or recall trauma from 10 life-times ago.  However the kinergetics sessions taught me that ‘I am much more than my body’ and that my condition wasn’t an incurable illness that popped up out of nowhere but that my problems were in perfect harmony with my life. I started to see the bigger picture. I realized that ‘karma’ is more often self imposed suffering rather than punishment from God. All day long we judge, condemn and crucify ourselves and this is how we alienate ourselves from our intuition/soul/God and how we haemorrhage our energy. I needed to stop judging and start accepting myself, warts and all. I was told that I needed to hold the right attitude of love and expectancy, expecting good things like health, joy and ease. I also started using Frankincense essential oils because this reprogrammed my DNA and ‘Peace and Calming’ which is a blend that fortified my nervous system and Valor, a mixture which gave me clarity and much needed courage and reduced my OCD.

It would have been impossible to attend to everything without a notebook in which I recalled even the tiniest improvements. Every small event was an important milestone. It is easy to forget, especially with a low functioning brain, how bad the symptoms were and I didn’t want to get discouraged. I also wrote down my dreams because I had started dreaming again, something I hadn’t done for decades. Within a month my brain fog disappeared and I was able to enjoy going to the pool and shop like a normal person. I started to feel lighter with more clarity. I was told that the last symptoms I developed would be the first ones to go, and I found this to be true.

I wish I could say that I am 100% recovered but I estimate that I am about 80% improved and I know that the last 20% will happen with persistence and consistency. I am thankful for the people at the Purple House who stuck by me!’  (THANK YOU for sharing this intimate account… Grada)

Like my client so eloquently told us, our health is intimately connected to our sense of power; e.g. it is impossible to feel healthy and powerless at the same time. In our search for health, factors such as personal, emotional, mental and spiritual power are as important to look at as blood work.

At the Purple House we are able to look at the live blood as well as connect with the core of a person’s true being through kinergetics or other energy therapies, like cranio-sacral or reflexology.

The blood not only shows us the state of your red and white blood cells or how strong or weak your digestion is, it is also a reflection of the state of your consciousness. Seeing your blood moving around on the screen can be very insightful to you as the client. You can see how your blood behaves when you constantly dehydrate yourself or how it responds when you talk yourself down for instance.

The healing therapies help you to shift masses of blocked energy and information that you may have been ‘unconscious’ of and you feel a definite sense of lightness and wellbeing return after each session. At the Purple House the mystical and the medical sciences don’t collide with each other, they come together to give you the best of both worlds!  These treatments can be a launching pad to a fulfilled and healthy life.


1 hour remedial massage $80. (This is often a good way to get your foot in the door)

1 hour Combination Live Blood and healing treatment $150

Complete Health analysis (blood, urine and saliva testing)/Biomedx $300

WE ARE NOW OPEN ON SATURDAYS!   Till next time, Grada