Have you ever heard of the possum response?

The possum gets a big scare, falls over and shuts down. On the outside, it looks as if he is playing dead.

Actually, it looks as if he is snoozing on the grass, all floppy, but on the inside he is frozen in fear and will remain like that till the danger is passed.

You might have seen possums do this.

What you might not have realized is that the possum and you have a lot in common.

The only difference is, the possum doesn’t move while its stuck in freeze mode and you keep showing up.

You get up, go to work, shop for Christmas, cook, clean, plan for next year, take care of the bills, shower and go to bed.

That’s because humans are amazingly resilient.

We can simply keep going with deep trauma in our bodies.

You might even believe that you don’t have any trauma in your tissues.

‘You have had a great childhood’, I hear you say.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you have some spectrum of the freeze response going on in your body;
if your immune system is compromised,
if you have system or muscle pain,
if you have low or high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, food allergies, mood swings, headaches, hormonal upsets, eczema, or asthma to name a few.

Like the possum, you went into freeze when you couldn’t fight or flee.

Your nervous system was overwhelmed with terror and it simply shut down on itself.

You might believe that you have safely moved on, but to the subconscious brain, the world feels like an unsafe, dangerous place. If trauma hasn’t healed, to the body it still feels as if it’s happening.

It’s literally frozen in time.

“That can’t be me,” I hear you say.

I hear this all the time, yet my client might be suffering from random panic attacks, depression or fibromyalgia.

Again, all signs of fight/flight and freeze as a result of trauma.

What is trauma exactly?

Trauma is simply bad stuff that happens to people.

For instance: Your parents didn’t want you.

Well, you are not alone, because apparently 60% of the population wasn’t planned or even wanted.

The foetus is fully aware of this and this is trauma.

There is trauma in most people from being born too fast, too slow, C section, forceps, stuck in the birth canal, too many interventions, too many vaccines too young, being born premature or against your wishes by being induced.

You are completely unaware that this trauma is frozen deep inside you because you started your life like this, so it feels normal.

Then there are toxic families, parents not in tune with the child’s feelings, parents that are disconnected, caregivers that are too controlling or perfectionistic and the list goes on.

Then there is open or subtle abuse.

There is physical, sexual, emotional or spiritual abuse.

And so on.

Intergenerational trauma is another big one.

There is also the issue of past life information.

You get the picture…

No wonder our nervous system has forgotten how to Stay and Play, which is the opposite to fight, flight and freeze.

See, the thing is that we will always have fear in our bodies. We simply need to feel the fear and stay and play.

Not push it down again.

When my clients come to me they have mostly already been everywhere else and they are still not free from pain, stress or overwhelm.

They are highly dysregulated. When emotional trauma has been stuck in the body for too long, the body simply can’t hold onto it anymore and you start to experience symptoms.

Because the trauma is not stored in the brain, it is stored in the torso or in the core of your being.

And it causes contraction; a frozenness, where you are not fully alive.

Shut down, but you still keep going.

Not feeling much joy, or connection, or contentment..

The first step is to give yourself a chance to relax a bit. Create an opening that your body can work with, so it can start to defrost and come alive.

In this video I am showing you a simple practice that helps you to do that.

You can be your own medicine.

Following this video is how you can make peace with your body and create new levels of wellness, as well as feel safe inside your body.

I hope you enjoy this small bitesized chunk of healing.

If you are struggling, in pain or overwhelm, or stress, disconnect or frozen in suspense, always fearing the worst rather than living your life on your terms and enjoying success or having fun, please book in with me.

When you arrive, you don’t even need to talk to me if you don’t want to, because your body will show me what it needs to reveal, for you to heal.

It is painfree, easy and relaxing for you.

It is better than hypnotherapy (although I can do that as well).

And it is completely life altering.

Yours to great health and happiness!

With love, Grada

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