Fearless Food Fermenting workshop

with Caleb Robertson

When: Saturday 1st September

9.30 am -12.30pm

Where: 47 Wilmot Rd, Forth  

RSVP 64283007 or register here:


$110 per person

320985_orig.pngWhy ferment food? To Protect your Gut Health! The Hunza people have been the focus of many research projects to discover the secret of their amazing stamina and longevity. Turns out they consume yoghurt to replenish their healthy gut flora. Another country which consumes a lot of fermented foods is Bulgaria.

They have 1,666 centenarians per million people in their populace. In the West we are lucky to have 9 per million. Come to this fermenting class and change the statistics! Our Microbiome or out gut flora is key to determining the health of our immune system and longevity.

Fermented foods are alive with flavour and nutrition. During the process of fermenting even dull and lifeless ingredients are transformed into live-cultured foods, teeming with good bacteria and flavour. These thriving micro-flora give your immune system a massive boost in the right direction. These microbes protect us from the flu and other superbugs, allergies and asthma and teach our immune system how to function optimally.

Imagine having a stomach outside of your body where all the hard work of digestion was done before you even eat? This is what fermented foods are like. The bacteria combine with the drinks and foods and break them down for you so the nutrients are pre-released and all your body has to do is take them straight into the cells without wasting any precious energy.

Is this important? Well yes, when you consider that our society is in the grip of Burn Out. The reality is that 1 in 2 people will experience cancer or heart failure during their life time  as opposed to our ancestors. A few centuries ago the ratio was 1 in a 100! Could part of the reason why we have gone backward be that we don’t consume fermented foods and drinks anymore?

Today scientists realize that we have to co-exist with micro-organisms. Life is not possible without them. We are constantly breathing in some 14000 germs and bacteria per hour. If germs are so harmful, why aren’t we all dead? The truth is that we need the help of bacteria to live a full and organisms especially when you consider that 90% of our DNA is not our own, it belongs to our microbes which mostly live in our gut. Doesn’t it make perfect sense that these microbes have life-promoting and disease-blocking genes rather than the other way around?

Another important reason to ferment food is that you are going to receive highly concentrated forms of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and enzymes, all of which are sorely lacking in our modern diet. (Sauerkraut has 20 times more viable vitamin C than a raw cabbage from the supermarket shelf). The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Join the class and see if you don’t feel better after incorporating these foods into your life like our client did:

Thank you for teaching me about Kombucha and Sauerkraut which I have been using, along with probiotics from the Purple House. I always suffered from very low energy levels, shakiness and digestive disorders and now I can think more clearly, I can go for walks, have no bloating or pain, I can travel without getting nausea and haven’t felt this good since I was a child. I knew that life was bad before, I was always sad and miserable and now I realize how compromised my nervous system really was, and I can’t believe how good I feel and what a difference these foods make. I will never be without some form of fermented foods ever again!’

4296740_orig.pngWe do not catch diseases, we build them. We actually eat, drink, think and feel them into existence. We work hard at creating our diseases and we have to work equally hard to earn our health back. Or do we?

Fermenting foods is easy once you know what to do and not to do, and eating them is pure enjoyment. I can think of no better way to create extra decades of good health.

Classes fill up quickly so contact us on 64283007 to reserve your spot!