Perhaps you don’t know the answer…

You might be like Elsa and Brian, my clients.

They had been stuck in the ‘grey zone’ for 30 something years.

Now with the children grown up and gone, their underlying dynamics were surfacing.

They were barely holding it together when they first came to me.

Brian had lost interest in sex (with Elsa) and Elsa had felt disappointed and discontented with Brian for years.

Elsa had watched her best friend die from cancer recently and Brian had been forced to put his elderly father in a nursing home.

That’s when they realised they had to do something about their problems.

That they didn’t have forever…

Elsa’s sister had given her a gift voucher to see me at our facilities, which had made her a bit crabby at first.

You know, as if ‘natural therapies’ were going to cure all her problems.

At that point, Elsa felt that she had too many problems to poke a stick at.

She had migraines and stomach issues.

Inflammation was taking over and she was full of fears and doubts.

She thought she might die soon, like her best friend.

Brian was conscious that his body was breaking down too. He felt sexually dead and his mind was racing all the time.

Have you ever felt like this… do you wonder how much longer you are willing to spend living like this? …feeling this way….

Out of touch with your heart, out of alignment somewhere, not knowing how to fix it?

If you recognize yourself in Brian and Elsa’s story, let me ask you some questions.

How much of your limited time are you willing to spend:

 Settling for less than what you truly want…staying in unfulfilling relationships far past their expiration date… ?

 Pretending to be someone you are not,
 so others will accept you…living a life that doesn’t feel like yours ?

 Beating yourself up and feeling unworthy of love…expecting the worst and getting the worst, because that’s what you tell yourself you deserve.. ?

 Closing yourself off..denying your need for love, affection, and intimacy… ?

Brian and Elsa had been to couples counselling, but they didn’t feel any great benefits.

They still felt stuck and broken down in need of fixing.

But what if I told you that you don’t need FIXING?

That you deserve HEALING?

That’s what I told Brian and Elsa.

You see, you can’t outsmart negative energy patterns and programmed feelings using only your brainpower.


For healing to happen easily and effortlessly, once and for all, you need to bypass the gatekeeper (the logical brain or analyser). You need to go straight to the heart of the matter (the subconscious mind/immune system/inner guru).

Our body, our entire being is wired to respond to energy so we use energy medicine as our preferred method of healing.

“In order to get different results, you need try something different.”

This is what Elsa said after several sessions with me:

“My anxiety was greatly reduced, along with my OCD. My pain levels were cut in half.

I didn’t expect these results to last, but much to my surprise, I felt even calmer the next day.

Grada had assured me that the treatment would continue to work for 7 days and not to do anything strenuous or taxing. True to her word, I gained more and more control over my emotions as the days went by.

I started to see things in myself that I had been blind to.

I hadn’t realised how needy I was for Brian’s attention.

Grada explained to me that this was due to abandonment issues I had as a small child.

I had projected my unmet needs for attention from my mum onto Brian and Brian had been feeling smothered and suffocated by this neediness.

Each subsequent session more fragments of my early childhood surfaced.

These traumas had kept me in survival mode most of my life.

Now that I am able to explore my inner self, I am starting to experience real joy.

This is rubbing off on Brian too.”

As a result of the changes in Elsa, Brian now had sessions with me as well.

Brian too had traumas inside of him that needed to be healed and processed. He’d always had a million things running through his head which had made it hard for him to get projects done.

He never felt satisfied or good enough about himself.

As a result of his sessions with me, he became gentler and kinder with himself and he enjoyed a deeper connection with Elsa.

His ability to focus improved out of sight.

Now that his mind has stopped racing he feels calm and confident.

I want these results for you too.

If you feel tired all the time, feel blah, stuck in a rut, out of touch, exhausted and drowning in an ocean of stress and overwhelm, I am throwing you a lifeline.

All you have to do it grab it!

Or talk to Leica or Eve on 64283007 to get some answers and direction.


Stop trying to fix things, when you need HEALING.

You DESERVE the best.

Do something now.

See you on the inside.

Much love, Grada

PS: I have worked successfully with over 10,000 clients since 2000, and I work deep and fast.

If I can’t help you, I will inform you. I won’t waste your time and money.

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