Fear is more contagious than any virus and it drags your immune system down and robs you of your joy.

Fear mostly begins in our head, so the answer to fear is to connect with your heart like I am showing you in this video.

Your heart is like a superconductor of divine universal energy and according to scientists, there is nothing that this divine energy can’t heal.

Love is stronger than fear, or evil.

Going into your heart changes your reality and brings you into alignment with your higher self.

Fear lets us be overtaken by outside powers.

We start selling ourselves out to so-called experts.

Yet the most powerful source of healing is already inside us, creating a completely new body for us every 12 months or so.

If you don’t believe me think of how a cut heals overnight, your nails and hair keep growing without you having to think about it, and every night your body keeps on breathing and living while your brain is on a holiday.

We are healing all day long and everyone is on their own healing journey.

To me, healing is far bigger than getting rid of aches and pains.

Healing is remembering who we truly are.

We are sacred beings

We are of divine worth

We are spirit in form or spirit in a body, radiating love and wisdom, depending on your level of maturity.

Our immune system is trustworthy. It follows a divine blueprint.

Healing means having confidence in our bodies and also in the Divine Source.

Healing means being open to support from the Universe so that when we run out of resources and we ask for help, our tanks can be filled again and miracles unfold.

I am a sovereign being and I do not consent to anything that takes away my dignity or makes me lose respect for myself.

What it means to heal is reclaiming our power.

Reclaiming the power that past traumas took from us, experiences of neglect, abuse, injury or hurt.

When our power has been taken from us, we are stripped from dignity.

The dignity that says I am worthy of honour and respect, just as I am…

I am a celebration of life.

You don’t have to earn this honour and respect, it is your birthright.

I deserve to be worthy just as I am.

When you have dignity, you do not treat yourself as a lesser human.

You think about what you put in your body, or who you hang out with or the choices that you make minute by minute.

So here is a prayer or a request for all of us who need healing.

I copied it from Dr. Christiana Northrup, a well known Medical doctor and health advocate who specializes in women’s health.

This request opens you up to the flow of Divine love and helps to heal our injured planet and humanity as it is right now.

Start by putting your hands together and repeat this request out loud:

“With my spirit and the help of the loving angels and other invisible helpers of the light, I focus and open up the flow of divine love throughout my system.

I acknowledge this global pandemic and the players who have created it.

I ask our higher selves, our hearts, our divine power now to dissolve anything and everything that is not in the highest purpose for humanity and our earth, to flourish and become healthy beyond anything we can possibly imagine. And I ask this with Divine love, according to the Creator’s will.”

Now breathe this request into your cells and breathe out forcefully.

Then you can repeat this a few times and sit very still.

As you become silent for a few minutes, you will notice the Divine energy permeate every part of your body, healing you from shame, blame, inadequacy, and restoring your dignity and self-worth.

It seems like such a small request, but the healing effects are huge.

Much love, Grada

PS, please share your experience of saying this healing prayer.