“Things often fall apart before they fall into place” is one of my favourite quotes that’s been tried and tested (by me) and always proves true. It is very comforting to have up my sleeve. I mutter it to myself and utter it to my clients.

Sometimes there are so many challenges and unexpected turns that we hardly have time for complete healing before we are knocked over again. You know what I am talking about…

Other than knowing that your life sometimes falls apart before it rearranges itself into a better shape, here are three more golden nuggets for you to consider during your next crisis:

1. Cry lots of tears. Sometimes we want to skip this part because we are afraid we are going to drown in our sadness. But purging the heart of all the sorrow and pain is the ONLY way to move beyond the experience.

I find that if you don’t do this well, the next time you are faced with sorrow any residue left over from an old sorrow will still be there waiting for you.

2. Don’t focus on what happened to you, focus on why it happened for you. Focus on what you have learnt from the experience and how it is making you more resourceful.

For instance, after I got run into by a truck, I had so many broken bones that I hadn’t realized my right leg had been fractured as well. It wasn’t till I scrutinised my medical records a couple of years later that I made that discovery. My leg had been fractured and healed without me feeling a hint of pain or discomfort! That taught me that our nervous system has a cap on how much we can suffer. There is a maximum limit. Isn’t it reassuring to know that our body, in all its wisdom, has a pain limit. We will never suffer more than we can bear. (Mind you, that is a fair bit of suffering, but still!)

We are much stronger, more awesome and more amazing than we think. We can make a comeback from almost anything, as long as we do step 1, 2 and 3. Which leads me to;

3. Letting go! Truly letting go might be the hardest lesson of all. It’s a fact of life that things come to an end. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we are fine with it. We often agonize over the loss of a loved one, the emptiness, the gaping hole in our universe, or the closure of a chapter in our lives. We mull over the hundred million options that might have produced a different outcome. (A happier one, no doubt.)

We often avoid going inwards, in case our hearts break in half. But if we keep living in reaction, protection or in projection, we end up continuing to recreate our past.

If we base our tomorrows on our yesterdays all we get is a repeat of yesterday. That’s not only boring, it’s scary as well. Imagine wasting decades of your precious life not being connected to your true purpose, feeling disconnected or inauthentic.

So, do something new.

Working from the outside in isn’t going to do the trick. Try working from the inside out! It’s only when we get completion within ourselves that we can truly move on.

Join my bootcamp Surge to Success weekend this month, move on from the past and truly feel complete, loved and appreciated from the inside out!

Step into the new, amazing version of yourself that is hiding somewhere just below the surface.

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If all this sounds like too much fun or stress, book in for a combo consult first and we can find your pain points, remove the tension and give you a jumpstart into a new day, life or destiny!

Much love as always, Grada

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