I am on a mission. I am stuck in the supermarket taking photos of killer products for this newsletter. Every day I deal with well-meaning mums and dads who are  injuring themselves with so called healthy foods and they expect me to be the fairy godmother and make everything better when things go wrong.

Well today the fairy is on the warpath. Watch out supermarkets, heart and diabetic foundations.

I am on a myth busting mission and here is the first product: Low Fat Milk.

When I read the ingredients its even worse than I suspected. The Buddhist monk in me has just died from a heart attack after reading the big fat lies on the packet:

Look! Its even got a tick from the heart foundation. Well, let me tell you something: as soon as you see a tick like this it means you need to be doubly suspicious of the product.

Where do you thing the heart foundation gets the bulk of its money from? From the food and diet industries, who get their money from you when you get sick. In 2000, Americans spent 1 in every 14 dollars on medical services and its expected that in twenty years time (which is only one generation away) it will be 1 in every 3 dollars! Services that weren’t needed half a century ago.

The stats are grim: 1 in 3 people die of cancer, 1 in 2 suffers from cardiovascular disease, 1 in 3 has allergies and 1 in 5 has mental illness.

ADHD, dyslexia, autism and childhood diabetes used to be extremely rare two generations ago. Now nearly every family is effected by one of the above. And this is in spite of billions of dollars spent on research and propaganda.

Or is it because of… ” I am starting to wonder when I read these appalling lies on this green cardboard box:
  1. Just 2 glasses help you lower your cholesterol.

The reason being that the skim milk contains plant sterols. Plant sterols reduce cholesterol absorption. This is true but here is the clincher: studies have shown that plant sterols are linked to significant risk in heart disease.

Not only that, plant sterols block the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, C, D, E and K…. OK, are your eyes as good as they should be? Perhaps they aren’t because these are the vitamins that give you good eyesight.

Hmm next the Dr will suggest that you take extra Vitamin D?

What, you are doing that already? Now you are blinding yourself and drinking yourself into a heart attack with low fat milk AND the extra Vit D from your supplements will calcify your heart, kidneys, brain and arteries because your body can’t digest it. Your body needs to pull calcium from the bones to digest the Vit D; this calcium ends up in the soft tissue of the body, where is causes stiffness, aches and pains, kidney stones and dementia. This leads me to

Lie number 2: skim milk provides 44% of your RDI of calcium intake.

The only pity is that the calcium isn’t available to your body. Unless the milk is raw, calcium from the homogenized milk acidifies the body, so in an effort to alkalize the milk, the body uses calcium from your bones. The more you drink the more brittle your bones become. With each glass of milk precious calcium ends up in the toilet, not in your bones!!!

The biggest lie within the lie is that Cholesterol is dangerous.

The opposite is true: Cholesterol is your Best Friend. You need lots of it. And there is no good and ugly Cholesterol. All cholesterol is good, without it you would be dead. The greatest concentration of cholesterol (25%) is in our brain and nervous system where it water proofs our nerve cells, even though the brain only makes up 2% of body weight.

A 2011 study followed 623 people aged 75, for 17 years and found that those with low cholesterol died 4.3 years earlier than those with high cholesterol. And they would have been more miserable as well, because cholesterol is one of the building blocks for testosterone. Low fat dairy products are a superhighway to depression, anxiety and spell the end of your sex life.

If you are still not convinced listen to the results of this study in Queensland in 2010: a 16 year long survey followed the dairy consumption of 1529 Australians aged 25-78.

The people who consumed full fat dairy had a 69% lower risk of death by heart attack than those who were doing everything right’ by the heart foundation and sipping their skinny milks; they were the most likely to end up from a heart attack!

This covers lies number 3, 4 and 5 on the box:

Low fat milk

(implying that its good while it is evil),

No preservatives

(it doesn’t need it because it is dead) and that is contains the

Naturalgoodness of milk

(it couldn’t be further removed from the raw goodness of fresh milk). These are the big fat lies that are making my clients sick and babies anaemic.

Dairy consumption is the number 1  cause of anaemia in children,

because the milk molecules push through the  walls of the intestines, leaving holes which cause leaky gut.

It is also mucous forming; creating snotty noses, chesty coughs and blocked up ears. While this might be music to the ear, nose and throat specialist, it  takes the fun out of parenthood! But this isn’t all: Skim Milk is skimming you of vital energy, of the cream of your life, of your hard earned dollars which are now lining the coffers of the big food industry / big pharmaceutical companies, including the diabetes foundation.  No wonder it is called Skim Milk. 

Or how a about Diabetes in a box?

Diabetes reached global epidemic proportions with a number of 366 million in 2011 and is expected to rise to 552 million in the next 15 years. Diabetes currently affects over 425 million people worldwide. It’s the worlds fastest growing disease with one person diagnosed every 3 seconds across the globe. This doesn’t account for the  183 million people who don’t realize they are diabetic.

On the Aussie website for Diabetes, I read: Help us find a cure today! Well, I have just found the cure: turn your back on low fat milk and other low fat products forever and give your body the foods it craves: full fat cream, yoghurts, milk and butter, as well as other good oils like flax seed oil, olive oil and coconut oil.

The whole diet industry is making you fat, sick and tired.


If these fats don’t make you fat what does? Other than the offending skim milks the answer is staring me in the face in the next aisle: 

A zillion gallons of ‘natural’ juices. I am looking at  death in a bottle, and I am not just talking about soft drinks, I mean ‘fresh’ orange, apple and any other variety of fruit juice. Clients guzzle these down thinking they need it for their vitamin C, to keep them regular or to give them energy, not realizing they are getting sicker with every mouthful.

These innocent looking juices are not only one of the leading causes of obesity and diabetes, they hugely impact the brains and nervous systems of your children and teenagers. The difference between fruit (juice) and sugar (which is still an addictive poison) is that fruits are full of fructose. We can gorge ourselves on fruit and still never feel satisfied because it doesn’t signal to the brain that it has had enough. Every gram of the fructose we eat is directly converted into fat. Because of it’s sweetness, fructose is hidden in almost everything! The big food companies love it and until recently the Diabetes foundation gave it a tick of approval as well!


Sugar is a combination of sucrose and fructose. While sucrose might get stored into glycogen by the liver as energy storage, fructose is converted into harmful fats quicker than you can read this newsletter.

Refined sugar is lethal too. It’s addictive and it leaches precious minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium from the body. A sugar hit gives you a temporary ‘up’, but then the bottom drops out as the blood sugar levels plummet.

When this happens day after day, year after year, your adrenals become exhausted.

What happens next is chronic fatigue, allergies and depression, fatty liver, insulin resistance and all that follows. The brain cells are very susceptible to damage by the seesaw effect of the blood sugar levels.

Perhaps your child is one of the lucky ones but many 16 year olds are overweight, fatigued, brain fogged, unhappy and hostile. How can they not be? The average 16 year old has probably spent fifteen and a half years on high sugar breakfast cereal, high sugar skim milk, gallons of juice, fruit drinks and litres of cola. Add this staggering amount of sugar to a high carbohydrate diet laden with bread, pasta and pizza and you have created a sugar baby who’s pancreas is forever whipped up in a frenzy.

No wonder they act as if they are on amphetamines.


In the US it is now common to find insulin resistance in teenagers, but what about your pancreas? If you have been tricked into eating low fat diet products and drinking ‘healthy’ juices, you yourself are most likely an ‘insulin reactor’.

Your pancreas is probably spilling over insulin right now in an effort to  stabilize your blood sugar levels. How would you know? Well here are some of the symptoms:

weight gain (in spite of work-outs at the gym),
fat around the belly,
high triglycerides,
high blood pressure,
non-alcoholic fatty liver,
brain fog,
type 2 diabetes. ….

The average American consumes about 50kg of sugar per year as opposed to 1kg annually 200 years ago!!

Much of that sugar is the most deadly of all: fructose or fruit sugar and much of that is slurped down from the very bottles in the juice aisle. Your love affair with sugar will be over when you find out how this substance has mentally, physically and emotionally abused you over the years.

Once you read the naked truth about it you will initially feel shocked as you realize the enormity of the lies that you based your lifelong sugar consumption on. Ignorance isn’t bliss, it is painful, stressful and it is a slow killer but books like these show you how easy it is to go cold turkey!

Eat only 3 times a day!

To live longer and stronger you must stop stimulating the pancreas into a frenzy. Every time you eat, even if it is only a piece of chewing gum, the  pancreas is provoked into releasing a flood of insulin. The very best thing to avoid diabetes is to only have 3 meals per day, with no snacking in between! 

There is no such thing as a healthy snack when it comes to your pancreas.

Every meal must have a reasonable portion of proteins and fats, like meat, eggs, cheese, chia or hemp seeds, butter, coconut oil.

If you are reaching for the biscuit tin at 10 am you have to take a look your breakfast. Did you have enough eggs for instance? Perhaps you needed a protein powder or to increase your butter intake. Hunger between meals is a reaction to a meal that did not include enough proteins and fats in relation to carbohydrates and sugar. It is as simple as that!

Replace sugar with fat! Fat doesn’t make you fat! Forget about the food pyramid!
A modern food pyramid! Lots of healthy fats!

A hundred years ago many people started their day with bacon, potatoes, eggs, pork chops and cheese.

What happened a few years later? They ate cereal. How did that happen? When women started to enter the workforce the cooked breakfasts went out the door and for companies like Kelloggs, this was like a dream come true… In came the cereals and sugar laden breakfasts for ‘people on the go’.  It was one of the worst mistakes in history and probably did more harm than both world wars combined.

Even now, nobody wants to give up on their beloved breakfast cereals easily like this client:

Client: I have a very good diet. I have my weetbix/nutrigrain/cornflakes etc with skim milk. Then I have a banana for morning tea, sandwiches (with margarine) for lunch, a banana for afternoon tea and meat with veggies for dinner. Of course I trim the fat off the meat.

Me: how would you feel if I told you that your breakfast is killing you? I suggest you cut out the cereal and have bacon and eggs instead. What do you think of that?

Client: good, I love bacon and eggs and always have it when I am on holidays.

Me: how do you feel while you are on holidays?

Client: Great, I have so much energy!

Me: you have so much energy because you have a decent breakfast. How about having a breakfast like that every day? The cardboard cereal box is more nutritious for you than the weetbix. No wonder you need a banana at 11 o’clock!

Client: but won’t it make me fat?

Me: No, its the cereal and lunch sandwiches that are converted into body fat and leave you feeling drained till dinner time, when you proceed to cut off   the meat fats that your body craves. Eat your meat fats and cut out your banana’s, that is my suggestion.

Client hesitates: well, that is the opposite to what I have always been taught.

Me: It’s easy; take out the fruits, cereals and sandwiches and replace it with wholesome unprocessed fats and quality proteins, like eggs, cheese, meat, nuts and coconuts. Fats and proteins have corresponding appetite hormones that send messages to the brain to say: NO MORE! I am full. Fats can actually help you to lose weight without feeling hungry!

But not these fats!

But not these fats!

I am concluding my list of evils with poly unsaturated fats and oils like canola, soy, corn oil and margarines.

Do me a favour and check your pantry right now: if you have any of these oils chuck them out straight away. They are dangerous. The science behind these oils is thoroughly wrong and the problem is that dietitians, the media and the heart foundation are slow to admit that these oils are one of the main causes of heart disease, stroke, hormonal upsets and cancer.

The governments funded the farmers till there was a huge glut in the market. Animals aren’t stupid enough to eat these oils, so it had to be marketed as a health food, and there you have it, 70 years later we are still guzzling the stuff down thinking that it makes us younger, trimmer and slimmer. It’s a dangerous lie by the low fat industry!

The Buddhist monk in me is asking if it’s safe to wake up yet? I leave the warrior amongst the toxic oils, buy my butter and head for the sanity of my own pantry!

Till next time, Grada