Monday, July 2nd at 7pm

@ 47 Wilmot Rd, Forth (Purple House Wellness Centre)


Warning: YL essential oils are contagiously addictive! If you don’t want to catch the oil addiction now is not the time to keep reading! 

10336798_10203169733238651_6529925125490239481_n.jpgEssential oils are one of nature’s best kept secret and if we give them a chance (by taking the lid off the bottle and giving them a good sniff) they can support us through many of our daily activities, life changes and crisis times. I have personally used hundreds of essential oils and blends and the same goes for our practitioners at the Purple House. Over the years we have become known for our smell: teachers could tell that items in the lost and found basket belonged to the Robertsons simply by sniffing them. They had the distinct Robertson scent, which was usually a mixture of Lavender, Peppermint, Clary Sage, and Lemon to name a few. Locals recognize we have been to the Forth shop because of the lingering scent of Panaway which we use in our massage oils to soothe the sore muscles, ligaments and bodies of our clients.

Since those early beginnings I have used bucket loads of Lavender to relax and minimize stress in my particle of the world. I diffused Peppermint to keep my cool or help me stay awake when the kids were young and I had to wade through piles of washing, dishes and paperwork at night. Clary sage is not everybody’s favourite, but always makes me feel euphoric. I take this as a sign that my hormones crave it, because Clary Sage is traditionally a woman’s herb. I used to feel an affinity for lemon oil, because it’s so cheap that we often don’t value it (not unlike motherhood). Yet lemon literally brightens your day: its cleansing, refreshing, uplifting and can be added to drinks or you can use it to scrub your toilet and bathroom. Guys usually love the citrusy oils (e.g. Bergamot, lemon, orange, tangerine) so it’s also a good one to subtly introduce into the household when your newfound passion of essential oils is met with resistance by your alpha male.

However resistance to essential oils has almost become a thing of the past, because the Young Living company is the fastest growing Essential oil company in the world. Where ever I go, people are curious about the oils. These are some of the top benefits that you might like to share with your friends and family:

  • Essential oils are convenient, quick and easy to use. You can roll them on your wrists or neck during the day, diffuse them at home or at work, massage them in with carrier oil, or rub on your forehead to enhance concentration or meditation. I usually have a diffuser going next to my bedside so my brain can work on improving itself even when I am asleep.
  • Essential oils are very volatile plant liquid and are easily absorbed through the skin. They support healthy body function which is great for our immune system.
  • Essential oils have a positive effect on our emotional centre. They cross our blood brain barrier and reach the parts of the brain that are in charge of our daily moods, emotions and beliefs. They help us feel resilient and calm in times of stress, rather than angry or fearful.
  • They support healthy digestive system
  • They can be used in household products instead of nasty chemicals. Essential oils are non-toxic and support the health of the whole family, small children and pets included.
  • They can be used in cooking and turn a standard dish into and exotic adventure
  • They can be used in personal care products and support great looking hair, skin and nails!
  • They are an ancient solution to our modern day problems, with real benefits and no side effects.
  • They are fun!

“Hi Grada, I just want to express my gratitude for introducing me to the YL oils. Last time I was in I signed up and received the kit in the mail with the diffuser. I am so in love with them and have been greedily reading up about all the oils and their uses.

images (9).jpgI have introduced Copaiba into my skin care regime morning and night with my moisturisers – that till my YL skin care kit arrives with moisturisers and soaps! I have used the Panaway on a knot in my shoulder, my son’s sore jaw from being kicked in the face with a football (no broken bones or misalignment) I use lavender on myself and husband every night before bed. I used stress away on my husband as he is under the pump at work, use lemon in my hot water drink and love diffusing frankincense during my yoga, meditation and weights workout for a greater connection with my higher self.

I believe it has helped me stay present during my life coaching session with my clients. The oils help me to truly listen to what my clients are saying and to walk with them more closely on their personal journey to self discovery. Anyhow, thank you so much! Much gratitude, A.”

This reaction reminds me of my own happy surprise when I was introduced to the Young Living oils, some 15 years ago by a friend in Queensland. This was after I had studied massage and aromatherapy and had been exploring different oil at work and at home. When I came across YL I fell in love with the purity and unique quality of their products. Even now I feel the same excitement when I open my monthly order. There is more to learn and discover every day and no two batches of oils are exactly the same.



If you have any questions, contact us at gro42768@gmail.com. Or msg Grada on 0408283008 and she will connect you with the person who introduced you to the oils. Click on this link: http://bit.ly/EnrolwithThePurpleTeam if you want to do an order online and get the oils at wholesale price