I am so happy to share we have another little grandson, Fergus Cove Robertson.

He was born at Sulphur Creek, in the car.

Tom and Lucie had spent hours at Burnie hospital the day before but everything fizzled so they went home again.

At home things were going better so they went back to Burnie.

Suddenly Fergus decided that Sulphur Creek was the perfect place to be born!

Tom and Lucie did a marvellous job and we’re over the moon that Lucie and Fergus are going well.

This has given me lots of food for thought for tonight.

Life is a series of expansions and contractions.

We feel great in expansion, not so good during a contraction.

We often shut down the contraction or run away from experiences.

The truth is that both states are necessary for us to give birth to something that wants to come through us.

Believe it or not, you are a Divine instrument that the Universe wants to play.

The universe wants to work through you, and I believe you know that in your heart of hearts.

How often have you felt that your soul is pulling you in a certain direction?

You get inspiration…You get called to do something…You feel all excited…

And then you overthink and start shutting it down, the impulse shrinks….

Or sometimes, you get a really strong calling to do something and you’re filled with life force.

We get a lot of life force from divine inspiration.

You start your project and you give it so much that you go off the rails a bit.

That is me sometimes.

I recently got the inspiration to write a new training on how to create abundance through working with your chakra system.

Every spare minute I work on it; I stop seeing the kids, I don’t eat proper meals and I dream about it at night.

I overdo it and get out of alignment.

Suddenly, I am not riding the wave of the Universe anymore.

I’m swimming against the tide, using force, rather than being an instrument to the Divine. I start pushing against my own body. Do you do that sometimes?

Thats often when we get a health scare.

We trip over or ‘catch the flu’ because we’re not listening.

Theres a fine line between being on purpose or going off the rails a bit.

Sometimes the opposite happens: we get told to do something, to reach out to somebody, or to leave a job or a relationship and we ignore the call.

This is where we get out of alignment as well.

Its important for us to know that ‘whatever is calling us’ can’t be ignored because its not you that is calling through you. It is God or the Universe calling through you!

Good luck putting it off or ignoring it.

This is for every aspect of your life.

How do you stop your life force from flowing to you? Where does that occur?

You are the instrument the Universe is coming through.

You are receiving the call and you block the life force by getting out of alignment.

I think the biggest contraction is that we believe the Universe doesn’t work through us… AS if we are separate from the Universe.

The biggest illusion, the greatest source of pain is we feel we are a separate entity disconnected from the Universe..

That we don’t matter, that our calling isn’t important.

I am here to tell you that you are important.

Little babies still know this, thats why we get such a peaceful feeling from holding a newborn.

They are fully aligned within themselves.

So just drop into your breath, into your being.. into your presence and feel the universal truth of these things.

… that which you have wanted to do for a long time

…that you have been drawn to and then thoughts come in that contract it

What does the mind say to you to contract you?

Write down what it normally says to you.

What is your version of shrinking your purpose or shying away from it?

Notice the contraction and start breathing into your truth.

Listen to the meditation I am doing here tonight to help you feel expanded and ‘on call’ or ‘on your calling’.

The feeling that ‘I am a receiver of everything the universe has in store for me’.

Drop down into your pelvis.

If you have been feeling a calling that you haven’t quite allowed to drop in take the opportunity now to let the essence drop all the way into your heart, your pelvis, and your feet.

Into the centre of mother earth.

Feel your inner light get stronger or lighter.

Take a breath into your heart.

Breathe out and send it up to the sky and breath into your heart again and send it into the centre of the earth.

Breath that earth into your heart. Sending it up and up….

Feeling your individual core and the space around you at the same time; your luminous energy field.

Feel the back of your head and affirm to yourself:

‘I am a receiving channel for the Divine.’

‘I am supported and when I get inspired I don’t have to doubt it.’

‘I am supported every step of the way.’

‘I don’t have to do this alone.’

Thank you for jumping on board today!

Big love to you all Grada

PS keep noticing this week when you go into contraction or shrinking and how you can get into expansion again.

grada in garden