Everything is created twice; The chair you are sitting on right now. The car you drove this morning, the sheets of your bed..

First, it had to appear as a thought, and then it was made into a thing..

Some thoughts are so powerfully peaceful that they can stop a war in its tracks.

The soldiers in the trenches during WW2 stopped shooting to sing ‘Holy Night’ together at Christmas.

For a moment in time, the memory of the birth of the Christ child, the ‘peace bearer’, was more powerful than the collective madness of warmongering and killing.

Likewise, thoughts run the show inside our bodies.

Peace-filled thoughts can make us healthy.

Stressful thoughts can make us sick.

Without even knowing it, thought patterns run in the background silently like a program on autopilot.

We inherited most of these patterns from our parents who took on their conditioned thinking from their parents and so we can trace our thinking all the way back to the dark ages or further back.

Its scary isn’t it?

Scientists believe that we have developed all our behavioural patterns by the age of 3.

That means you could be 38 today, but your coping patterns are that of a 3-year-old. Often showing up as sabotages of:

“I am not worthy enough…

Important enough…

Lovable enough..” etc etc.

Patterns that hijack your precious relationships or rob you from prosperity, or cause pain in your body.

All these beliefs are nothing to do with the truth of who you are.

They are simply beliefs that you absorbed from your primary caretakers.

They tainted the glasses through which you view life..

Today, my mission is to help you get free.

I am here to tell you that when you experience constriction or pain or stagnation in any area of your life, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

In this video I am taking you through a simple exercise that will help you feel a shift in your nervous system. A freeing of your life force so you get more energy and peace.

You see, what you focus on, is what you get more of.

When you were a tiny little newborn fresh from God, with all your instincts intact, you always focussed on the light.

Your head would turn to the flicker of a candle and your body would respond to the presence or voice of your mum, the source of love and nourishment.

All this changed before you turned 10.

By then, you had been conditioned to focus on fears, doubts, worries,
insufficiencies, scarcity, failures etc.

Instead of being attracted to lightness, you started to gravitate towards heaviness and darkness.

But again, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Everything that is learned, can be unlearned.

So hang in there and practice this simple exercise of focusing on a pain-free area of your body, a part of your body that has served you well for years…

Without complaining..

Always showing up for you, without any recognition or appreciation.

This is the microcosm.

And it also works for your macrocosm, the outer world.

Mother nature responds to our habitual thinking as well…

Thinking about the drought, the wind, the fire danger, the bushfires.. before we know it, we have spent hours every day worrying about current affairs.

Things we have no control over.

Worrying is a form of meditation, it puts us in a trance.

We have all been meditating on bushfires and getting more bushfires…

In this facebook life I am asking you to consider:

Open up just one little corner of your mind to meditate on lush green jungle, or soft consistent rain that lasts for weeks..

Imagine for a moment that your thoughts and meditations are felt and heard by the Universe!

Having a powerful effect for good.

You don’t even need to do a rain dance or wait of a signal for all of us to meditate collectively…

You can simply change 1% of your thinking and get different results

1% of 60,000 thoughts (which is about our daily quota) still averages 600 thoughts of rain, green grass, lush nature, happy native animals, complete restoration, enjoying a picnic near a waterfall, farmers jumping for joy, communities being rebuilt, livestock grazing contentedly…

Go on, be completely delusional!

Throw your rational thinking out the window!

Give it a go and be surprised when you start to enjoy amazing results!

Wishing you a wonderful, amazing and miraculous 2020.

With much love, Grada

PS: if you are stuck and want to enjoy massive change, I can help.

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