How do you deal with grief?

Life didn’t come with a manual and a sudden loss of a loved one can completely shake us up. Our whole world turns upside down. We can’t cope with the amount of pain we feel in our hearts. We often spiral into a dark hole, so deep that we can’t imagine ever coming up for air.
Fear and pain activate the emotional part of our brain causing us to live in fight and flight response, and sometimes we remain frozen in crisis mode for years or even decades.

If this is you, I would love to show you how YL essential oils can help you move into a better place with greater ease, on Wednesday evening, 7 pm at the Purple House Wellness centre.

$25 per person, which includes your own Grief Blend. for your ticket.

How can essential oils help?

I have selected a variety of oils that are powerfully life transforming. When you inhale or apply these oils, they immediately settle in the limbic system, the part of the brain where the memories of pain and trauma are frozen.

Recently a friend told me how she used to inhale Cypress many times per day, after the loss of her son. She also found it soothing to rub it all through her hair and over her arms.

Another friend used Geranium to keep her heart space open and loving after a betrayal. Some losses are very complex, especially if there is an element of betrayal or disappointment. Things you once thought were certain are now up in the air. You can lose your confidence or faith in yourself.

Fear and pain in the body

Fear and pain create a stress response in your body. Your body doesn’t know the difference between being attacked by a bear or feeling abandoned or betrayed. Both are experienced as threats, causing your heart to beat faster, your digestion to go off track, and your immune system to falter.

Sometimes your anxiety levels get so intense, you feel as if you are going to die. I have been there and done that. I even spent 2 months in a psychiatric hospital, two years into my recovery from being hit by a truck. I was suffering from loss (of my former life as I had known it) and betrayal from being hit and left for dead without any remorse by the truck driver. This opened a whole can of worms for me, which formed the basis of my Memoir: You are the Miracle! How being hit by a truck saved my life.
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Sometimes our lives have to fall apart before we can create a better life or a more loving self but I wouldn’t like anyone to suffer like I did. I now know many shortcuts through pain and confusion and will never stop sharing these.

On Wednesday night I will be showing you how to reduce your stress levels, heal your heart and introduce you to a new way of looking at essential oils to help bring you back into balance after the loss of a loved one.

These oils helped me after the recent loss of my dad.

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Much love, Grada

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