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Erasing Years of Ageing Naturally.

Back in 1979, psychologist and Harvard professor Ellen Langer gathered a group of men in their 70’s and 80’s at a retreat.

And everything at this retreat was recreated to conjure the year 1959, from 20 years earlier in their lives….from the books and magazines on the tables to the programs on the black-and-white TVs to the crooners on the vintage radio.

They were encouraged to discuss historical events like Castro marching on Havana as if it were all happening in the present.

Absolutely no provisions were made that acknowledged the men’s weakened states, like walking sticks…. and no one helped them carry bags, guided them upstairs, or treated them like they were “old.”

They had to carry their own luggage as if they were young, strong, and able-bodied.

Soon Professor Langer saw something amazing happening.

These “old” men were moving more and faster, and they got their confidence back.

One even stopped using his cane.

Now, before the study began, Langer had taken a range of measurements of the men’s body functions.

After it concluded, she did the same tests.

Have a guess what she found?

There was a remarkable improvement in their memory… vision… hearing… blood pressure… arthritis…gait… dexterity… and physical speed!

Not only that, their nails were growing faster and overall they looked decades younger.

This proves several points:

  • That your environment affects your neurology.
  • Your body responds to whatever you believe. (If you believe you are young, your body is convinced as well.)
  • Most importantly, your body can turn the clock back when you feed it the right information, and when you give it what it needs.

Last Saturday I was invited to a concert, which was organized by an 80-year-old local artist at her amazing private residence, hidden in the hills behind Devonport.

This inspiring woman has created a piece of paradise in honour of her late husband, who used to be a famous orchestra conductor in Amsterdam.

After his passing in 2004, she moved to Tasmania and camped on this block of land in a tent, pondering her future.

What inspired me was that she had taken her time to grieve her husband and hadn’t rushed headlong into the next chapter of her life.

She also hadn’t given up on herself, which is what so many people do after suffering a ‘mortal blow’.

High on the hill on the other side of the world to where she had spent most of her life, she allowed herself to be open to what came next.

It was obvious that her receptivity had paid off.

On entering the property, I was struck by the beautiful native gardens, the splashes of colour, works of art, and sculptures everywhere.

I loved the way the buildings perched on the side of the hill, overlooking the forest and valleys all the way out to the Bass Straight in the far distance.

My hostess would have been 65 when she turned her back to Amsterdam to pitch her tent on this bush block in 2004.

What a brave thing to do!

It must have been just what the doctor ordered, because today, she looks about my age.

Bob Proctor, is another person who hasn’t aged one bit.

As a world-famous teacher, business consultant, coach, and author he continues to inspire millions around the globe.

His beginnings were very humble.

In fact, he was in struggle street for the first 3 decades of his life, until he learned how to change his thinking.

When he was asked what his anti-aging secret was he said:

  1. Learn something new every day
  2. Share something with others every day
  3. Live in the moment/present

Back at the musical concert on Saturday, I was happy to see the great turnout of people.

I noticed that at 59, I was almost the baby there.

It made me sit up straighter!

I was intrigued to see such a crowd of people in their 70’s and 80’s, and I couldn’t help noticing that some people looked much brighter than others.

Some of the oldies were almost nodding off to sleep while, yet others were riveted to the live music.

I wondered how many of the guests realised that they have the power to turn back the clock?

  • They can revitalize every cell in their bodies.
  • They don’t have to be nodding off to sleep during events.
  • They don’t have to use a walking frame to get up the hill.
  • They can recover their memory so it works better than ever!

It is all in your own hands!

That’s my message for you today.

Almost everyone gives up on themselves too quickly.

I see it all the time in my clients.

My message today is, don’t give up!

Don’t listen to your neighbours, or contemporaries.

Prove all of them wrong!

Be different to everyone else!

Just because others are fading away and falling apart at age 50, 60, and beyond, you don’t have to!

Here is the good news: your body is completely new every 12 months.

Take advantage of your body’s natural instincts to renew itself and give your brain and body what it needs.

Have you tried out our happy pack yet?

Many of our clients embrace the healing, anti-aging power of the 5 supplements in the happy pack.

There are so many myths out there: that women are more prone to Alzheimer’s than men, because they live longer, and because they are more talkative so have more neural pathways for Alzheimer’s to attack….

These are some of the stories, and statistics on Alzheimer’s in women are pretty dark:

  • As a woman enters her sixties, she has twice the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease than she has of getting breast cancer.
  • Women represent 64 percent (nearly two-thirds) of the people in the United States today who have Alzheimer’s and Men account for only 36 percent.
  • When he reaches age 65, a man has a nine percent chance of developing Alzheimer’s during his lifetime. Women run twice that risk.

I am here to encourage you to prove them all wrong.

Decide today that you invest in yourself.

You can live longer, be independent, smart, and vibrantly healthy, live an inspired life, until well into your hundreds.

If you believe this, your body will prove you right.

Shrink your risk of premature aging, by getting plenty of sleep, do gentle exercise daily, drink plenty of water with added Himalayan Salt for your minerals, swap out carbohydrates for healthy fats like butter and coconut oil, and boost your brain with the supplements in the happy pack.

All of these lifestyle factors boost your odds of keeping your wits about you.

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Yours to learning something new every day, sharing & caring, and loving life!