Equalisation of Harmful Earth Radiation

Equalisation of Harmful Earth Radiation

Electro-Magnetic-Radiation (EMR) and Geopathic Stress have been scientifically linked to cancer, suicide, SIDS, chronic fatigue and auto immune diseases. In the past there was really no solution to this problem, and sometimes people were forced to leave their homes in order to get better or to get away from harmful earth rays.. It is now possible to clear negative earth zones from homes, workplaces and cities by using specific techniques and tools.

What is harmful Earth Radiation?

Our earth is alive. Its inner core is a liquid in motion. This causes radiation across a wide spectrum. Humans, with their limited senses, can only sense one type of radiation, which is heat. Even to sense that we have to dig deep under the surface. Despite all that, ancient cultures knew about harmful sites and avoided them, or only used them for specific purposes, like under a church to promote a meditative mood.

In theory, the molten core of the earth sends out an even radiation across its surface. However in reality the high iron content of the molten core in motion distorts this radiation and so do other factors like magnetic fields, cosmic particles, infrared radiation or ionizing radiation. Some cosmic particles are capable of flying through the planet without even slowing down. Some particles are deflected and some are redirected depending on their energy and mass. Between the molten core and the earth surface are layers of minerals, ores, cavities, geological vaults or water. Underground water streams rub along mineral rich surfaces, creating electrical currents of their own.

All of these factors distort and modulate the earth energies. Instead of an even radiation we now have complex interference patterns, like inconsistencies in a window pane that distort the view through the window. This implies that some spots of the earth’s surface are relatively free of trouble and other places are highly unhealthy to live on.

How does it affect us?

It is well documented that sleeping in a place of concentrated earth radiation is harmful to humans. Not everybody will be affected by sleeping every night for years above or on a trouble spot. If you are unfortunate enough to have a health problem you will find it hard to regain health, because every night your body will struggle to overcome the negative effects of the earth radiation. The human body has an incredible capacity to compensate for stresses, but once the compensatory mechanism runs out, health will decline very rapidly.

Aborigines had the habit of sleeping only a few nights in the one place. That way they avoided getting caught by evil spirits. Most Aborigines were able to feel bad places with their hands, even from a distance. Radioactive sites were detected without Geiger counters and called “devil devil” places and generally avoided.

Dowsers and ‘seers’ were in recent times the only ones to know about harmful earth energies. Over the past few years a lot of devices and methods have been developed to deflect the energy elsewhere, with varying degrees of success. In Germany especially people used to place devices under houses, stables and beds to avoid the stress of constant exposure of harmful earth radiation to man and farm animals.

How do we clear it?

In 1994 research was done in particular German villages that had been radiation and cancer free for centuries, while neighbouring villages had high rates of cancer. When this peculiarity was investigated scientists discovered that the radiation free villages were of Celtic origin. The cornerstones of the houses had a polarity that was not present in other villages. This kept the houses free from harmful earth radiation.

The process of replicating these cornerstones is done during earth equalisation. The first step is to find the worst earth radiation spots on the property we are clearing of harmful energy. Then we proceed to program the four cornerstones with the information found on the property. The cornerstones will be placed on the four corners of the block. The way they are placed into the ground is very specific. We then completely check the site over again. There should be no dangerous earth radiation left at all inside the set of the four cornerstones. What makes it even better is that positive energy coming out of the ground is left untouched so that the site is now health promoting.

After the property/home is cleared people may notice a change in sleeping patterns (better quality of sleep) and more energy and vitality in the body. Sometimes there can be a healing crisis as the body adjusts to the absence of harmful earth radiation. Plenty of water and rest will help overcome this.

Interesting fact: did you know that cats and ants are the only animals and insects that love negative/harmful energy? They are not affected by it in any way. So if your cat always wants to sleep in the centre of your bed, you may need to consider shifting bedrooms or getting your home cleared.

Peter and Grada are fully trained and experienced in the ‘art’ of equalising harmful earth radiation.

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$300 per property (normal house block size). Travel outside the Ulverstone/Devonport area extra.