We are in the middle of an ‘allergy busting session’ and the father is getting angry.

I don’t blame him. His wife is crying, his son is on the verge of tears and his daughter who is on the treatment table is sobbing as well. It looks like a disaster scene! So what’s going on? It’s actually a healing session in full swing.

On my daily worksheet I read: Ella has severe eczema, allergies and behavioural problems. She has been checked by medical specialists and found to be intensely allergic to nuts, eggs, chemicals and more. The family has been living on tender hooks ever since Ella suffered from anaphylactic shock a few years ago. The parents finally reached the end of their tether and found the Purple House. Twenty minutes ago the little family trundled happily into my room. Now the dad is ready to punch me!

He had been fine during the first part of the session. I usually start with the feet because it gets the client used to my touch and the healing energy starts to flow throughout the body.

(We have 7000 reflex points/nerve endings on each foot and they are connected to every part of the human being. During my reflexology mastermind weekend on the 2nd and 3rd of Feb, I will show my students how to heal through reflexology: https://www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au/storefront/reflexology-weekend-workshop-2019/).

Reflexology Weekend Workshop – 2nd & 3rd February

Energy medicine is harder to explain.

It works on the premise that your body can’t lie and always knows and tells the truth. That means it can tell us what’s bothering it if we ask the right questions. I usually do a demonstration; I get the client to say their name (arm muscles are strong) and then a fictional name (body goes: hey, that’s a lie, and the arms go weak). Your body is strong when you hear good news and muscles go weak when you hear bad news. That why you feel drained when you watch the news on the TV. It reacts the same with substances, emotions and thoughts. This gives us an opportunity to hack into your computer (read: body) and clear the viruses (energy blockages)!

All this happens through very fast muscle testing. So fast that back in my room the father can’t see what I am doing and now a frightened part of him is getting angry because he thinks I am making his whole family upset.

In actual fact what I am doing is peeling back the layers that are causing the distress (eczema and unwanted behaviour) in his daughter. I quietly find a whole lot of imbalances on the physical level and then connect these to the emotions that have been buried. It all happens very quickly; the client feels minimal stress (sometimes there are tears) and allergies are often gone for good.

Why do I have to be so negative?!

The frustrated dad pipes up. I absolutely understand where he is coming from. Looking at it through his eyes it seems as if I am harping on about negative emotions and making his family cry on purpose. Perhaps he assumes that I think his daughter has had a bad life and he feels affronted, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I don’t need to sniff out all the good memories, because they are what make her strong and happy. My role is to be the ‘stress and trauma detective”, bring them to the surface, address them so they can go. These so-called negative emotions are ever present, whether we think about them or not. Just because we are not conscious of our feelings doesn’t mean that they aren’t there.

Your body doesn’t lie. It’s impossible for the subconscious to answer untruthfully, so when it indicates through the muscle that there is a painful emotion stuck in the body somewhere it is the truth! We are not dealing with negative trifle, it is the reality our bodies live in.

These negative imprints or energy blocks are recorded in our Nervous System.

The memories range from mild to extreme and have a profound effect on us. Clients often say: “No that doesn’t bother me anymore,” when I ask them about their deceased daughter, cheating ex-wife, incestuous father, abusive ex-husband. Answers like that are a sure sign that these emotions have been buried somewhere, like a pile of unpaid bills that you put in a drawer. You think it is the end of the story after you have shut the drawer, locked it and chucked the key in the river. But the reality is that the bills are still due, and the longer you wait the more pressure builds up in your body and in your relationships.

I reassure the father that the tsunami of emotions sweeping over his family will be short-lived and everybody will be feeling a lot better afterward. This is exactly what happens. After about fifteen minutes we are done. Ella’s mineral levels are balanced, toxins are neutralized and her nervous system is now clear of old stresses. The tears in the room have stopped flowing and the little family looked exhausted but relaxed at the same time. I secretly believe that we released some stresses that affected the entire family.

Eckhart Toll talks about the ‘pain body’ in his bestselling book ‘The Power of Now’. We have our own personal ‘pain body’, and then there is the family’s pain-body and the collective pain-body, which stores the memories of all mankind. (Apparently women hook into that when they suffer from PMT and become irrational.)

A therapy session will often affect every-one who is present in the room.

And that is a good thing. We are not just treating the symptoms, like a dog chasing its tail, going round and round in circles. Usually clients have already done that for several years and they are ready for change. Now we are ready to break through the barriers that we (and our ancestors) have put up to protect ourselves. These barriers don’t happen overnight, they sneak up on us. Eventually we end up feeling drained and tired all the time. The immune system can only take so much before it starts to malfunction and we begin to crack up.

These healing sessions don’t just free up the immune system, other good things start to happen as well. Creative ideas and solutions to old problems will pop to the surface of your mind and suddenly you grow into the person you have always dreamt of being. Even your job environment or financial situation can change overnight. That is because your consciousness has been freed up. With children results are even more instant. Ella’s behaviour improved overnight and we didn’t even have to practice behavioural therapy for hours, weeks or years. Why is that? Because we are dealing directly with the subconscious, which is in charge of your behaviour.

It is hard to consciously manage your behaviour all day long.

It would be like trying to manage a car with the steering wheel pulling to the left all the time. Its exhausting. I am speaking from experience because when I first migrated Peter had to teach me how to drive in a car that did just that. His parents had given us an old kombi as a wedding present. When I got it stuck between the Gawler take-away shop and the petrol bowser it was nearly the beginning and the end of our marriage. The more I turned the steering wheel the closer it inched into the building. When I willed it to turn right it always turned left. Eventually I had to get out of the car and swap with Peter. My humiliation was complete when I couldn’t squeeze my pregnant belly through the tiny gap between the car and the building.

A week later I almost crashed into the front of a Hotel on a corner in Penguin. That was in response to Peter telling me to turn into a side street. The old kombi (subconscious) and I (conscious mind) didn’t like sudden changes and Pete had to pull on the steering wheel really hard to avoid collision. While it’s now several decades later and Peter survived teaching 3 teenage sons (that was easy) and 3 teenage daughters (that’s when he went grey overnight) I still don’t like unexpected changes!

(to read all about Grada’s adventures in Tasmania and how she recovered from a near fatal accident order her Memoir ‘You Are The Miracle!’ here: https://gradarobertson.com/)

You Are the Miracle – How Being Hit By a Truck Saved My Life

When we tweak the subconscious it’s like freeing up the steering wheel.

It now obeys the driver and the driver normally wants to do the right thing and stay on the road. That’s exactly what happened to Ella. She started to excel at school and her allergies disappeared overnight. Her father became a ‘believer’ and has since had some sessions himself to relieve pain from old footy injuries.
(Note: you don’t need to believe in energy medicine for it to work!)

Just now I remember that the old Kombi also had a resident huntsman spider which lived in the carpet that lined the van. For our honeymoon we travelled round Tasmania in the Kombi but I was so traumatized by the itinerant spider that I didn’t dare to move all night. I wished I was as brave as my mother in-law who treated tarantulas like pets.

The biggest spider in Holland is the size of a bull ant, and I longed to be back with my family who were probably lying on the beach in the sun right at that moment while I pretended to be brave in the presence of my husband. Ha ha, that was in the good old days when I still tried to impress Peter. I hardly dared to close my eyes in the back of that Kombi in case the crazy huntsman would drop on my face or crawl into my ear.

Just as well I didn’t know about white tail spiders back then! I probably would have booked a one way ticket back to Holland there and then and left Peter to share the honeymoon with his female spider (I think female spiders eat the males after they have used them so it was probably a female).

Which reminds me that I have an old testimonial here.

Its not for the faint hearted. If you have a spider phobia you’d better not read it but its a great white tail tale.

“In 2005 I was bitten by a white tail spider – six times. It was just one spider, but it sure packed a huge punch! You would never believe the nightmare that followed – the immediate burning blisters, the years of having my skin cut away from the gangrenous bite site, the years of suicidal depression.

And the years of achingly painful, weeping, skin rashes. I could not get out of bed, or stop crying. My husband had to scrub my wounds, cook for me, take care of me…”

Read the rest of that story, along with the photos, by clicking the link below:

Suffering for years after white tail spider bite

Working with Christine was no different to treating Ella.

We are always dealing with the subconscious mind.

There is only one healing power: your own subconscious mind which is in charge of every cell of your body. The doctor dresses your wound and your subconscious heals it. You pop a pill for your blood pressure and the subconscious controls it. Self preservation is all important to the subconscious and it always has the last say in the matter. So why not reach out to it in the first place?

It has the blueprint for perfect health and it works towards it day and night. In fact every 11 months you have a completely new body. When you stop and think about it, that means that nobody is older than eleven months!

It works silently and trustingly. The funny thing is that we (conscious minds) don’t trust our bodies (subconscious minds) when we get sick or when we feel unwell. We think we have to knock it into gear with drugs, tablets and painkillers or have our offending organs removed when in reality our body is on our side, it is our best friend!

Ironically the subconscious is very gullible! It listens to every thought. Thoughts are the realm of the conscious mind, and that is where we need to take charge. If we continually think fearfully and negatively (and who doesn’t?) the subconscious becomes all confused. Then there is no other course open to the subconscious mind except to act on the new blue print specifications offered to it by our thinking mind.

This is how we disrupt health. Every thought and action that is not harmonious, whether through stress or ignorance will result in stuck-ness and you deserve so much more than that!

Much love, Grada

When was the last time you felt great?

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