Join Grada for her Surge to Success weekend on the 19th and 20th of January!

Do you recognize any of these destructive cycles in your relationship?

  • You are often bickering about the same topic, over and over again (about the kids, money, chores, sex, in-laws etc)
  • You often feel unappreciated, disconnected and alone
  • Your relationship goes from one never ending cycle of frustration and hopelessness to the next. No matter how hard you try, whatever you do falls on deaf ears.
  • Your fuse is getting shorter and shorter all the time. The littlest things can now trigger a full-blown explosion.

If this sounds like you, (or somebody you know) here is some good news!

You CAN change and break free from destructive patterns that have been running/ruining your life.

You can be free of these feelings and frustrations and create a new relationship filled with wonder, appreciation and closeness.

You have the power to transform your relationship. Let me show you how, during this intensive Surge to Success weekend.

During this Weekend you’ll learn:

  • Tools and practices that consistently generate a flow of passion and harmony (as well as money) into your relationship
  • The 5 key feelings you must be able to communicate to your partner
  • Energy hacks that stop the energy drain in your relationship and significantly enhance the enjoyment of it
  • Feel deeply appreciated, loved and understood.

If this sounds too good to be true, listen to what some of Grada’s students had to say:

I had the privilege to attend a weekend workshop hosted by Grada recently.
For years I’ve been on a journey to heal myself, trying to eat all the right foods, take the right supplements, finding the right balance with work, but still feeling drained, looking exhausted, not realizing that I was carrying all this sadness within. Thinking if I didn’t think about things they would just go away, thinking that was how I was meant to react to events, looking at them from a distance, if I kept things at a distance they couldn’t hurt me.
Well now I have a better understanding about how our emotions drain our life force. I have tools to help me express my feelings and also a greater understanding and compassion for others, as we are all the same, all connected. The biggest change for me apart from physically looking alive again was awareness of who I am! It’s ok to be me. It’s ok to be genuine and real, instead of always thinking I must say the right things and do the right things so I don’t upset people. Now knowing this comes from my childhood, mustn’t upset mum or dad – anyway I’m loving the person I am becoming, I’m loving that if I haven’t anything to say thats ok too.
I love how my husband can cuddle me and I can feel his energy because I have shown him now how to connect with his Dantien (womb space), amazed at his energy and how safe it makes me feel.
And might I add I’ve never had energy ever like this before!
Thankyou Universe, thankyou Grada

When I initially saw the advertisement for this course (Surge to Success), I was very interested however I did not sign up straight away. I have been disappointed before with other courses I have attended so I was sceptical about the promises made by Grada. I deliberated over it for weeks until finally I decided to risk being disappointed again.
I am very happy to say I was not disappointed. I have learnt so much about my inner life and am now committed to practicing the techniques I learnt each and every day. I feel connected to myself, empowered and am truly loving myself more than I have ever done, warts and all.

I would recommend this course to you if you are interested in understanding and connecting to your energy field and gaining insight on how to deal with situations that arise in your life. It is all about energy and it isn’t complicated.

Take the plunge…

Billy Hicks

Powerful change is just a click away

Why spend another day hiding your light, feeling disconnected and unloved?

Love is our greatest gift. It is the true source of health, happiness and creativity. Create a new, brighter 2019, one choice at the time.

This ‘deep dive’ weekend goes for 17 hours, which is worth
(17 x 245 =) 
$4165 when you work with Grada in private.

Investment for this Surge To Success Weekend is $1299.00
(An unbeatable saving of $2866)

Early Bird special when you pay before the 5th January: $999 (you save $3166)

Bring a friend and receive a huge discount: $1299 per ‘couple’ and amplify the energy shifts in your personal relationships! I can’t even begin to imagine where this will lead you! 

Surge to Success 1 – Weekend Retreat (19th & 20th January)

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