How do you cope with chronic pain, bloating and gas OR even life-threatening allergies? 

Read how Pete’s client miraculously overcame serious health threats and began to enjoy her life.  

Before visiting the Purple House in Forth I had been suffering, for about 16 months, from constant bloating, gas, stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

After the first month or so I had seen a GP and been tested for bacterial infections.

That came back negative.

They then tested me for food intolerances.

I waited for several weeks for the results to come back and was completely unprepared for what they found: I was to avoid all foods that contained any dairy products, bananas and a selection of other fruits and vegetables.

I spent the next few months taking twice as long at the supermarket to get my groceries.

Even after all this effort, I was feeling no better, in fact I was getting worse.

I took my test results back to the GP and they reviewed the levels of my reaction to other foods.

They suggested I also avoid any products containing gluten, beans, wheat and corn.

Whilst there may have been some benefits of this diet, it was starting to make me feel weak and I was still experiencing digestive troubles.

By now I was feeling frustrated with people’s suggestions of different things wrong with me.

A friend suggested the Purple House and I figured I would have nothing to lose.

To my surprise they tested and showed me the results on the day of my appointment.

They picked up on deficiencies and worked out ways to combat the problems I was experiencing.

Not only that, they gave me reasons as to why my body wasn’t working properly and that it was causing severe reactions.

After showing me pointers to the main problems it was a matter of a few supplements and suggestions to my diet and I was on my way.

I was expecting a long slow recovery because I had been feeling so sick and weak for over a year now.

Within days, I started to feel different.

Not only had my digestive troubles almost disappeared, but other symptoms I had battled with for years, such as being constantly tired despite plenty of sleep, had taken a turn.

Now weeks later, I am still feeling great.

No bloating, better sleeping patterns, no diarrhoea or stomach cramps and only rare occasions of gas.

The best thing of all: I have returned to a normal diet without any major side effect!

That means, although, I may react to large amounts of dairy and eggs, I can eat them in moderation with no reactions at all.

I am feeling more energetic, happier, my clothes fit better and I don’t have to worry so much about going out for meals.  E. Baxter

If you want to stop suffering and start living, book an appointment with Pete for one of the following consultations – Diagnostic session (1 hour), A complete health analysis (2 hours), or Pathway to healing.

Allow Peter to run some tests with your urine and saliva, to determine whether your stomach, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, heart and intestines are working well, and he can pinpoint the exact weakness if something is causing you trouble!

He gets to the bottom of your issues in no time!

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