Today, we are discussing ANXIETY and what you can do about it.

We were asked if it is a common issue for anxiety to get more intense for women during menopause.

Before I go on, let me introduce you to Kate, who sought our help because her life turned upside down during a yoga class.

Kate is around 49.

These are her words:

I have practiced yoga for decades, but last year, out of the blue I was taken over by terror and anxiety.

I sat down on my mat to take a breath.

I began to feel terrible pain in my neck, and the entire left side of my face and arm went numb.

I started to spin out, so I left the class and scheduled an emergency doctor’s appointment.

Within 24 hours I had undergone multiple tests.

Waiting for the results to come back was one of the scariest times of my life.

When the results did come back, I was very disappointed and confused.

I was given a clean bill of health.

The doctors diagnosed the episode as an anxiety attack.

But this experience seemed to make no sense.

I have an amazing and supportive husband, a healthy body and a good job.

I eat well and have spent years healing old wounds and cultivating a positive mindset.

I thought I was free from my past.

I took this experience very seriously so I booked in to see Peter and Grada to see if they could give me some clues.

Grada explained to me that I had been in denial of my anxiety and that it is very common to ignore the signs, until your body suddenly can’t push them down anymore.

She told me that many women experience a personal crisis, where the wheels come off the cart, between 40 and 50.

This is often the time that women become very comfortable and secure within themselves and this might trigger a signal to the body, to release pockets of trauma or stress-energy.

I had spent decades ‘controlling’ my stresses rather than dissolving them, and that stress ultimately took me down.

I knew that it was time for me to heal my relationship with anxiety once and for all so I booked in to see Peter as well.

I am now recovered from gut inflammation, my liver is much stronger and I have transformed my nervous system in the process.

I know that anxiety is a pervasive issue that affects everyone directly or indirectly, and I am so grateful that today, I am more relaxed, healthy, and free from stress than ever before.

I have healed myself from the inside out!

A significant number of women — about 18% among women in early perimenopause and 38% of those in late perimenopause — experience symptoms of depression or anxiety.

And symptoms of anxiety appear to be more common during this time leading up to menopause, including panic attacks.

We explain the reason for this, and what you can do about it in the video below.

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