Do you love your elderly relatives living in nursing homes?

Would it concern you to see them decline rapidly and die unexpectedly?

I was appalled to read this message from Dr Rafapal in Spain:

I have just been told that in an Old Peoples home in Madrid, 97 of the 120 elderly people that lived there have died within the last 20 days.”

And this has happened shortly after giving them the flu vaccine in September.

So now we can understand how death rates are rising yet not the number of people admitted to ICU.

The number of deaths comes from old people’s homes.

Polysorbate 80 is doing its “job”.

(That’s why the WHO “knows” that in October and November numbers of deaths are going to increase.)

It took me right back to when I worked at the Scottsdale hospital here in N.E. Tasmania between 1988 and 1998.

There was one year all the elderly in the nursing home wing were given the flu vaccination at the start of the “flu season”.

It sounds a bit like the duck or deer season where people go out into the wild to shoot these amazing creatures.

Now I have to ask you, have the flu vaccinations prevented the flu?

Or has it been wiped out yet?

What would you say if I told you that 14 out of those 18 beautiful elderly people living in that wing had contracted the flu and died within a couple of months from receiving that ‘life saving’ injection!

And NO there wasn’t any inquest or investigation into what could have caused over 75% of those residents to die in such a short period of time!

There is a lot of talk about countries rolling out mandatory vaccines for this 2019 ‘rona.

What is scary is the time frame the laboratories are trying to roll it out in.

No long term studies have been done on the ‘side’ effects on people.

Another worry is the fact that the vaccine producers won’t be liable for any adverse effects people experience.

They have been granted immunity by the courts to protect them from litigation in the future.

Do you think this may give them a licence to rush things through even faster without due diligence for safety?

Would you willingly offer your body for a scientific experiment?

Vaccines may have helped in reducing some illnesses (and even that is debatable) but people should have a choice to say “no I’d rather not” or “ I would prefer to wait and see whether it is safe in the long term before I am injected with foreign material thanks!”

Another dreadful bit of information Caleb brought to our notice, was shared by India Today.

It claimed that half a million sharks may be killed for the oil from their livers to make enough Covid-19 vaccine for the entire world.

Who does man think he is? How can we, as one species on this earth think we can simply slaughter another species?

All that bloodshed for a vaccine for one corona virus that can mutate every 10 minutes or so.

The common cold is supposedly caused by a corona virus.

The flus we get are caused from a corona virus. Why are we still getting them?

And why are people being vaccinated for the flu then dying of the flu?

Just some things to ponder over while you have your morning coffee!

Grada and I believe that we all need a shot of unconditional love to boost our immune systems.

Allow dogs and other pets in the nursing homes to keep the elderly loved up and healthy.

Dogs are great for the immune system and pets emanate unconditional love.

Have music to the tone of 432 Hz going in the background of your home, to clear dissonance and to strengthen your immune system. (You can YouTube these.)

Sage your house every now and then, to get rid of toxic energy.

Give each other a hug, and lavish appreciation on each other!

These are some of the topics that have been on my mind lately.

Please share with us your experiences and opinions. Everything is welcome here!

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Yours to a happy life! Peter and Grada

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