DIY Toxin-Free SKINCARE Workshop

When: Sat 17 Dec, 3:30-6pm
Where: 47 Wilmot Rd, Forth (Robertson’s Learning Space from Purple House Natural Therapies)
Cost: $50 (includes ingredients, containers, recipe booklet, paleo treats, and a wealth of invaluable information!)

749586_orig.pngNext week (Sat 17 Dec, 3:30pm), I’ll be running my last DIY Toxin-Free SKINCARE workshop for the year. I am so passionate about teaching others about living a more natural life. It really is astounding the detrimental effects that toxins have on our body and mind, and on our environmental biomes. Toxins are EVERYWHERE. It’s pretty much impossible to avoid them completely. But there are things you can change to significantly reduce your toxic-load, and one of these is switching to natural skincare products.

Regular commercial skincare contains a crazy amount of dangerous chemicals. The first thing they attack is our SKIN MICROBIOME. Did you know that for every one human cell, there are 10 bacterial cells?! That amazes me! We are literally more microbiome than we are human! These little critters living on our skin (and in our gut) help to protect us, and help keep us functioning well. They protect our skin from breaking out in acne, eczema, and from ageing prematurely. They also protect us from developing serious diseases. We need to look after these guys, because, let’s face it, if we don’t, we not only destroy them – we also destroy ourselves.

Keeping skin pH mildly acidic (4 – 4.5) is important for healthy skin microbiome, and for keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. Many toxic chemicals throw the skin’s natural pH balance out-of-whack. For example, high pH will cause skin to dry-out or breakout, and it can make us prone to infections and wrinkles. Many toxic products KILL microbiome – both the bad AND the good!

Switching to natural ingredients will help to nurture pH level, and will in effect keep your microbiome healthy and happy! All of the ingredients used in the skincare products at the workshop are so wonderfully nourishing and healing. I’ve had lots of feedback from people saying that they feel so much more ‘hydrated’ after using the products made at the workshop. Some have even seen conditions such as dermatitis and eczema begin to clear up. That makes me very happy! You don’t have to spend lots of money to achieve glowing skin (and health!). Our wonderful planet earth has provided us with everything we need to thrive. Come along next Saturday and embrace getting back to basics with ingredients from the earth!

If you’d like to learn how to make your own natural, toxin-free skin care products, come along to our next workshop! If you’d like to attend but can’t make the date, send us a message and we’ll keep you updated about future workshops.

During the workshop you will make:

Honey Lavender Face Wash – 250ml
Anti-Wrinkle Serum – 25mlimages (5).jpg

Skin Perfecting Body Butter – 120ml
Lemongrass & Ginger Salt Scrub – 250ml
Minty Lip Balm – 10ml

All of the products will be made from natural ingredients, including 100% pure, therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils. All ingredients and containers for the products will be supplied. You won’t believe how quick and easy it is to make your own skincare products! And it’s also super cheap. You’d usually pay around $50 or more for a small tub of a natural, organic lotion. But for only $50 you will get to take home FIVE 100% natural, therapeutic, skincare products!

These classes are a sell-out.  Phone 64283007 to book your spot.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Filipa Bellette @happybiome