People often wonder how I recovered so fast from an accident that left me paralysed and close to death. They think that I have ‘special powers”  and that it was a Miracle. 

They are right. 

I do have special powers, and the thing is, you do too! It simply may be that you don’t know how to tap into them. You may not have realized that you have access to these ‘superpowers’ that can change anything in your life, as easy as I have. That you can turn your life-force up (or shut it down) as I do. 

The thing is, there is an art and science behind every Miracle. 

You can either unconsciously block the flow of Miracles or step into the flow of Miracles. This art and science can be applied to any aspect of your life.

You may have suffered a hit like I did, or a setback in your health or finances, or you feel stuck in your relationships. 

In my upcoming Surge to Success weekend on the 18th and 19th of May, I am going to:

  1. show you how all illness, career woes, and relationship problems are caused by the stress of not knowing this one specific thing about yourself 
  2. teach you what causes anxiety, stress, frustration and overwhelm and how to instantly diffuse them
  3. show you how to increase your healing life force, Energy (also known as Chi or Prana)
  4. show you how to take back your power
  5. help you gain clarity and insights to propel you forward


I’m going to be sharing my whys, and why I do what I do –  and I will be your laser coach. It is easy for me to see your blind spots, how they hijack your success and stop you from feeling loved or significant. 

Sometimes you simply can’t do it all on your own, and hey, you are not meant to! We are wired to help and support each other. By being present for each other and witnessing our patterns we can experience massive transformation that would otherwise take a lifetime. 

This amazing 2-day workshop is totally experiential, with meditations, healing experiences, energy boosting hacks, inner process time, and shadow work, supported by the energy and enthusiasm from participants in the room. Pete and I are there with you every step of the way. 

Join this workshop to jump start your life now and you can use the manual, tools and learnings for the rest of your life. 

PS: don’t miss this weekend training with me! Sign up now because there is a special that allows you to bring a friend with you no additional cost.

You might REALLY want to show up and experience miracles, but life gets in the way because:

  • You’re a busy professional with limited time and tonnes to fill it with.
  • You’re a busy mum with children who need to go to after school clubs, you need to prepare dinner and keep up with the day to day running of your home.
  • You want to join but part of you wants to zone out and watch Netflix all weekend.

The thing is all of those excuses are valid. You are always going to be busy. You are always going to be stressed and you are always going to be overwhelmed unless you do something about it.

Here is what others have said…

I have just done the surge to success weekend with Grada and Peter, Wow!!! What an amazing course this is! You don’t realise how much emotional baggage you carry around with you that you don’t ever know is there!! I feel so refreshed and alive again, have found my spark again! Cannot thank Grada and Peter enough and for their hospitality too!! If you have ever considered doing this course don’t hesitate!! Life is much to short to be living a miserable life!
– Cindy S

I have known and worked with Grada for over a decade. She has an extraordinary healing ability. She knows exactly what is required for you personally and gets to the heart of your issues within minutes of entering her room. Her honesty, compassion and professionalism make you feel so comfortable and relaxed straight away, whether in person or via a distant session. There is complete absence of judgement. “She has seen and heard it all” she says, and I have no doubt that this is true because her sincere desire to ease human suffering makes her a magnet for people in extreme stress and trauma. I highly recommend Grada to anyone who wants to let go of their pain, past and history, so they can live a life of wellbeing and ease.
– Ruth B

When I initially saw the advertisement for this course (Surge to Success), I was very interested however I did not sign up straight away. I have been disappointed before with other courses I have attended so I was sceptical about the promises made by Grada. I deliberated over it for weeks until finally I decided to risk being disappointed again.
I am very happy to say I was not disappointed. I have learnt so much about my inner life and am now committed to practicing the techniques I learnt each and every day. I feel connected to myself, empowered and am truly loving myself more than I have ever done, warts and all.

I would recommend this course to you if you are interested in understanding and connecting to your energy field and gaining insight on how to deal with situations that arise in your life. It is all about energy and it isn’t complicated.

Take the plunge…
– Billie H

MOTHERS Day special:

Purchase a gift voucher over $100 and receive Grada’s book ‘You Are The Miracle: How being hit by a truck saved my life‘ for FREE, normally worth $40.

Another great Mother’s day idea would be to join Surge to Success together for only the price of one and watch your relationship grow!