Christmas is a bad time for allergy prone people.

Our grandson Cohen suffered terribly with hayfever, swelling and hives, all because we had our Xmas dinner on our river flats in amongst the trees and grass.

Fia also got a few hives, so that was 2 out of the 50 people present.

We came off lightly.

The stats say that 1 in 5 people suffer from hayfever or allergies, some of those life threatening.

In a minute I will give you some lifesaving tips, but first Pete wants to tell you how one of his clients was deeply grateful for Immuno Xflam and Complex P.

These two supplements turned her life around, helping her get over hayfever and allergies that had plagued her all her life.

I also had another client; a guy who was highly successful, a go getter, good provider, and loving husband and dad.

The only thing was, every now and then he suffered anaphylactic shock out of nowhere, and then the ambulance had to be called.

He would be saved in the nick of time.

Nobody knew what triggered it.

After one of those events he came to me for allergy testing.

I usually offer this as part of a healing or coaching session because it’s easy for me to find the triggers.

I then gave him energy healing to dissolve the triggers. He has been free from nasty anaphylactic shocks ever since, for which his wife is deeply grateful.

It would be pretty scary to be in a body that can go into shock or shut down without knowing what the triggers are!

So if this is you, or you know somebody who suffers like that, please send them to the Purple House where we offer real solutions that work immediately.

He also takes the Immuno Xflam and Complex P to keep on the the straight and narrow.

In this video I give you some tips based on Chinese pressure points that will undo a reaction.

Please take time to watch as you never know how this could come in handy during the summer months.

With Cohen I dug into my trusty handbag.

I had been prepared just for this. Out came my iodine bottle and I put 20 drops all over him.

He also needed to drink water with Himalayan Salt to restore his electrolyte balance.

Think about it: if he’d gone to hospital, they would have put him on a saline drip which would have him feeling better straight away.

Why not put yourself on a saline drip (salt water) every time you go into crisis? In fact, do it before the crisis hits and you might avert one.

Cohen came right but a few hours later history repeated itself.

More iodine and salt water and he also needed a shower, as well as a bit of healing from Oma.

He went home a happy but tired boy.

Sugars and carbs will worsen any allergy prone person, so stop indulging! Give yourself a chance to go all out and do this once, and then go back on a healthy high fat, low carb diet.

Hayfever and allergies run in my genes. My aunties used to snotter and sneeze, my dad had a touch of asthma, his mum had terrible asthma, and Caleb used to suffer really bad from grasses as well.

Today my offspring are lucky that allergies can be so easily fixed.

They don’t suffer other than on the odd occasion.

This is how I stopped history from happening again.

I want this for you too, so get stuck into the supplements we suggested or come in for a healing or allergy testing session. (We usually combine it into one session.)

Draw a line in the sand.

Create a better future for yourself and your loved ones!

Much love as always, and wishing you a peaceful and abundant 2020!

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