I am really excited to share this with you!

Grada says she hasn’t seen me this motivated or enthusiastic for a long time and I’d have to agree with her. I hope I can purvey this information to you as this is such an exceptional health hack and almost no one has heard of it!

Now what is it I’m about to disclose? First let me fill you in on some scientific stuff. I promise to keep it simple enough. Here goes!

Do you ever wish you had a lot more energy?

Do you suffer from chronic ill health like “Chronic Fatigue” “Fibromyalgia” “Polymyalgia” ?

These are all labels that basically describe the same thing: your cells are not working properly at the mitochondrial level!

We are meant to live on cellular energy.

When every cell of our body is working properly and producing the energy required for us to function at optimum health, each one of us would be able light up Launceston, Hobart, Burnie and Devonport all at once.

That is if we could harness all the energy produced by our cells.

I can sense your scepticism! Believe me, that’s how much energy our cells can generate if we start giving them what they need and stop poisoning ourselves with foods that are devoid of nutrients.

Each cell has a little power house named a mitochondria. This is where energy is produced.

And how they do it is with Hydrogen atoms from the food we eat and the water we drink.

These hydrogen atoms enter the mitochondria where they cause a little nano-motor to spin like a turbine, similar to the turbines producing power on the Mersey/Forth hydro scheme.

All the minuscule hydrogen atoms are spinning that nanomotor at a greater revolution than the motor of your car.

Or that’s what is meant to happen.

Now, a hydrogen atom is one proton (positive particle) with an electron (negative particle) circulating around it.

Unfortunately, lots of hydrogen atoms also have a neutron (a neutrally or non charged particle) attached to the proton. This makes it too big to go through the turbines and they clog these tiny energy producing motors, depleting your cell of much needed energy.

In chemistry water is known as H20. These heavy hydrogen atoms with a neutron are known as D20.

This D stands for Deuterium rather than Hydrogen.

Guess what: the food we eat and the water we drink has lots of this Deuterium instead of Hydrogen.

Once our mitochondria stop producing energy altogether we die. It makes pretty good common sense to eat foods that are low in these heavy deuterium atoms.

Which foods are they? If we are lucky enough to be breastfed as a baby we are having a deuterium depleted diet, making 60-70% of our energy from fats.

Yes, we are meant to commence our life on a ketogenic diet.

You most likely have heard of a ketogenic diet.

When we are born, we are a tiny human being. If you are reading this, you are probably a bit bigger than a newborn baby, but you’re still a human being.

My guess is that our bodies would function optimally when they get a chance to make 60-70% of our energy from fats.

Normally when we commence our kids on solids what do we feed them? Yes, stewed fruit, mashed potatoes and vegies, cereals. Nearly all carbohydrates!

Once inside your body, these carbohydrates turn into sugars.

And guess what foods are high in deuterium? Sugars!!

Which foods are low in deuterium? You guessed it, fats!

Good fats! Good, healthy fats are butter, cream, coconut oil, all animal fats and the mono unsaturated oils. These are olive, macadamia nut, sesame seed and peanut oils.

If you want fish oil, eat oily small fish but don’t consume fish oil, because the extraction process has made the fish oil rancid. If you want any other nut or seed oil, even avocado oil, eat the food that has the oil.

To get the oil out of all these other sources causes the oil to be oxidised or rancid.  These are called trans fats which cause disease.

Are you surprised?

LCHF – flipping the food pyramid!

I bet lots of you are because it has been drummed into us for decades that saturated fats are bad for us.

Yet that newborn little human being is making 55% of his/her energy out of saturated fats (when they are fully breastfed.)

It now appears the whole food pyramid was based on false science that was funded by the food industry, which has made trillions from false advertising.

The ideal food for us at the start of our life consists of mainly healthy saturated fats.

All of these fats & oils are very low in Deuterium atoms so they don’t clog up our tiny nanomotors which produce lots of energy.

Once the hydrogen atom from the food we eat is inside the mitochondria, the electron which is negatively charged is stripped off and used as energy also. The positively charged proton is then passed back out into the cell.

Together with another hydrogen combined with an oxygen atom, it makes H20 (water) so it also helps keep us hydrated.

Eating lots of fats and drinking plenty of healthy oils keeps our body hydrated, which is another reason we can have great energy levels and beautiful skin with hardly any wrinkles.

A huge problem the western population faces today is fatty liver.

Even when you are slim, you could still suffer from fatty liver.

This happens when you rely on carbohydrates for fuel. You clog up your liver with stored white fats. Our bodies will store everything above one teaspoonful of sugar in the liver – one slice of bread converts to 6 teaspoons of sugar for instance.

Most of us eat 30 teaspoons of sugar a day, and that is without eating any actual sugar.

It is all hidden in breads, cereals and fruits (not to mention sugary drinks).

Our genetic makeup is the same as in the days of the caveman.

His body knew that in winter his food supply would dwindle so in summer, when food is prolific, it stored like crazy. Then when the food disappeared in winter he used the stores (stored fat) for his energy source. The same way a bear hibernates in winter.

Our bodies think we are inevitably heading into a winter but winter never comes because today we never run out of food. We eat as if it’s the peak of summer every day of the year. And this makes us store all year round.

When our liver is clogged with stored fat it has difficulty filtering our blood.

Our liver filters our entire blood volume, 5 litres, every 3 minutes.

What is filtered from the blood (the waste of the body) then gets recycled because it keeps circulating around the body. This isn’t the best environment for the cells to live in.

This waste is the bile. The bile is concentrated in the gallbladder and is what breaks down those beautiful deuterium-depleted fats/oils.  

The good news is once you start eating deuterium-depleted foods (fats & oils) your body swiftly recognises all stores you have put away for that oncoming winter & starts using them as well.

Your body suddenly remembers you have a freezer full of 3 course meals on board and starts using up your fat stores (read: you release kilos of excess weight).

To get your bile running properly you need to take Beetflow with every meal.

Peter analysing a live blood sample with a client

I also recommend everyone take an enzyme with every meal. This assists our over burdened pancreas to digest the food properly and reduces the risk of diabetes.

We get all the nutrients from our food when we have enough enzymes! Lipase is the enzyme to help breakdown fats & oils.

Lipase is found in Omnizyme which is a great all-round enzyme supplement. Digestizyme would be better if you suffer with burping and reflux.

I continue to take Omnizyme and Beetflow at least twice daily with food as it keeps my digestion ticking over nicely.

We often have clients with digestive issues. Beetflow, Omnizyme and a good probiotic such as ‘Immuno Symbiotic Restore’ do the trick of creating a happy GUT.

All disease, including cancer, starts with a metabolic disfunction at the mitochondrial level.

More specifically with the mitochondria’s inability to make energy.

Deuterium depleted foods will reverse this. Get the bile running with Beetflow to be able to digest a ketogenic diet.

I don’t actually like the word diet, because you need to think of it as a lifestyle that will support you in enjoying your life well into ripe old age.

Keep the mitochondria buzzing with those low-weight hydrogen atoms & your body will thank you by getting rid of diseases created by Deuterium.

I am so excited to now know why ketogenic diets work and to explain the science behind it for you!

If you would like a personalised Complete Health Analysis, come and see me for a Biomedx session at the Purple House. I will be able to inform you if your heart and kidneys are working well, if you suffer from fatty liver, whether diabetes is sneaking up on you or whether your cells are stuck in chronic stress.

There are so many ways to test! Over the years I have helped thousands of clients recover from serious health challenges. It gives me a thrill to see the pain and worry lift and hope be restored.

Biomedx/Complete Health Analysis

See you soon! Pete