Cranio-Sacral Therapy

CRANIO-SACRAL THERAPY - Written by Sarah Anne Barker

Trauma remains in the cells

Every single cell in our body contains memories which it never forgets. This is very significant when it comes to traumas or major stresses we experience in our life, because these traumas stay locked up inside the cells and tissues of our body. Is it any wonder that our bodies age and don’t function as well as they might do? It may be best to demonstrate this with the story of a client who saw me years ago in the UK.

She came to see me because she had a chronic pain in her left ear with nothing found on examination by her GP and no history of ear infections. During the preliminary treatment chat I found out that several months earlier she had had a car accident. There had been no external injuries, just shock.

As she lay on my treatment table I put my hands on her body to assess her cranio-sacral system (the bones and membranes of the skeletal and central nervous systems). What I found was that there was a restriction in her body which ran from her right foot, up the leg, diagonally across the body and to her left ear. I asked her “Did the other car hit your car on the front right wing? There is a force which has affected your right foot. It has ricocheted right through your body and locked up the bones around your left ear…” The answer was YES! That was exactly where the other vehicle had hit her car!

So you see whenever we have an accident, fall or any other form of trauma it is locked into our tissue memory, where it stays way past the healing of any bruising or lacerations. And they say it is elephants that never forget!!

How Cranio-Sacral therapy can help

My next task was to unravel the locked up tissues using the gentle Cranio-sacral therapy touch. As I worked to release the foot, leg muscles, spine and head bones, I could feel the restrictions in the bones around her ear releasing. She responded very well to the treatments and only needed 2 or 3 visits for the ear pain to resolve. She had been amazed that it had actually been caused by her car accident as it had not seemed to be related at all. I explained to her that this is the nature of how our body works and our feet aren’t really separate to our ears at all.

Whether a stress or injury happened years ago is irrelevant in terms of the body’s memory banks. To the body it is as if it was yesterday. These stresses build up over time; we kind of collect them as we go through life. The fall on the tail bone when we were twelve, the minor or major whiplash in a car accident, a broken finger, or the emotional pains from a broken relationship or bereavements…. they all take their toll on the way our body operates.

Of course the primary stress in our life is our birth. Our head bones are very malleable when we are first born and the pressures of the birth shape the skull of the adult. Did you know that medial compression of the temporal bones of the head can predispose to dyslexia? Or that your incredibly stiff neck started with your birth? Or that the thumb sucking child is unconsciously trying to release a tight bone in the roof of the mouth called the vomer? It is basically birth trauma and it is still in the body now. As I work with my clients by putting my hands on their head I can tell which bones are not perfectly aligned because of what happened to them when they were being born.

Cranio-Sacral is for everyone

It is never too late; we can help the bones to realign through the gentlest of touches with Cranio-sacral work, whatever the age of the person, which can help to bring relief to all sorts of health issues. I sometimes say to people that we are like onions. Inside in the centre, is the perfectly happy, relaxed and optimally healthy you. We are surrounded by the layers of the onion which are the stresses, either physical or emotional, and the accidents which compromise our health and well-being. We just need to gently peel away the layers of the onion.

Another therapy which is brilliant for clearing past traumas and stresses is Kinergetics, a very deep and fast acting form of Kinesiology. I find this works extremely well either on its own or teamed with Cranio-sacral Therapy. Both of these therapies will clear those stresses in the body which have been lingering in the dusty cupboards for way too long very effectively and safely. Once they are gone we feel so much lighter and brighter that we can be the happy little onion we were meant to be.

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