Look no further than Bioraculous.

But first let me explain that FOOD DOES AFFECT YOUR BRAIN.

Doctor David Perlmutter wrote in his famous book Grain Brain, how ALL GRAINS inflame the brain.

When your brain is inflamed, you can’t think straight, you can’t study or absorb new information easily. You become jittery, anxious and some people even hallucinate and see ghosts or monsters.

If you are a parent and worry about your child’s personality or behaviour, please look at his or her diet first.

Do you want changes? Start with changes at the gut level and work from the inside out, rather than from the outside in (by that I mean, behaviour modification methods etc.)

Everything your child eats has an affect on the brain.

The mind is the body and the body is the mind.

There is no separation.

And the gut is really the first brain. It contains more neurotransmitters than the brain.

So here are 7 foods that are most toxic to the brain:

1. Sugary Drinks (soft drinks as well as all fruit juices)
2. Refined carbohydrates (breads, cakes, pizza, biscuits, lollies, sweets, etc)
3. Foods high in trans-fats (like canola oil and all hydrogenated vegetable oils on the supermarket shelf. Give them a wide berth!)
4. Highly processed foods (too much sugar, trans-fats, processed salts and additives)
5. Aspartame which literally rots your brain. It’s in 6,000 products on the market, including some prescription medicine and toothpastes. It’s really terrible stuff. Aspartame is in diet products because it is artificial sugar. Avoid it at all cost.
6. Alcohol
7. Fish high in Mercury. Mercury is a neurological poison which concentrates in and disrupts the brain, liver and kidneys as well as the placenta and foetus in pregnant women. This is found in Flake or shark, swordfish, tuna and mackerel. Also in dental fillings and rain water.

Every 62 seconds somebody is diagnosed with Alzheimers.

That’s the other end of the spectrum. Will our children and grandchildren even get a chance to reach their golden years?

Professor of Psychology Jean Twenge said:

“It’s not an exaggeration to describe iGen (people born between 1995 and 2012) as being on the brink of the worst mental health crisis in decades.”

Americans are spending OVER 200 BILLION a year on mental health and that spending is growing unusually fast!

I highly recommend that you or your child won’t be one of those statistics.

Throw out everything in your pantry that you can’t pronounce, plus all your grain products as well as sugary drinks, including fruit juices.

Avoid all 7 brain inflammatory foods we mentioned before.

Instead, here is how you can fortify yourself and your children:

>> Have Bone Broths

>> Aim for eating a minimum of 3 tablespoons of good fats per day. Coconut oil is one of the best, but butter and meat fats are good too. So is avocado oil and macadamia nut oil.

>> Eat oily fish like sardines.

>> Have activated nuts and dark berries when you are hungry.

>> Eat full cream and full fat products.


ONE SCOOP OF BIORACULOUS CONTAINS 5 TO 9 PORTIONS OF ORGANIC VEGETABLES. Bioraculous is $58 and it contains a months worth.

9 servings of organic veggies might cost you $25, so you can see how economical and valuable Bioraculous is for you. Plus it’s convenient!

Our grandchildren love it and thrive on it.

Their mums lived on it during the pregnancies.

Bioraculous is almost too good to believe! It contains probiotics, plant enzymes, greens, dark berries, turmeric, milk thistle, coconut oil, fibre and proteins.

It also contains Resveratrol which is an antioxidant that reduces inflammation and eases joint pain, lowers cholesterol, fights cancer and protects the brain.

What more can I say?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

You can drink it in water or mix in a smoothie.

For real little kids, put it in a syringe and squirt it in their mouth like a medicine. They soon get used to it.

The greens in the Bioraculous act as a mercury detoxer, so it has a rejuvenating affect on the body.

It’s also great for people who are doing chemotherapy and radiation, because it’s really a blood tonic as well.

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You will have your child back.

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