Story at a glance:

  • One in 4 Americans over the age of 45 is on a statin drug to lower their cholesterol.
  • Statins will not necessarily lower your risk of heart disease or death from a major heart attack because of the damage they cause to your muscles, including your heart muscle.
  • Statins lower your cholesterol, and this isn’t a good thing, because cholesterol is an important precursor for many of your steroid hormones, including progesterone, testosterone, aldosterone, cortisol and vitamin D exposure to chlorinated water also damages your health and your heart.

Supplying healthy drinking water to our communities is one of the major challenges facing the modern world.

Scores of chemical toxins pollute the environment.

In the US alone there were over 6500 pesticides, herbicides and fungicides used in agriculture alone in the year 1998-99.

The drinking water showed a score of 300 different kinds of pesticides and fungicides.

I hate to think what the tally would be now, roughly 25 years later.

Treatment plants are supposed to clean the water from toxins and bacteria, but all we have to do is take a look at some statistics to realize something is seriously wrong with our drinking water.

The statistics show that from 1920 onwards there has been an explosive increase in cardiovascular disease and fatal heart attacks, but only in countries that chlorinate their water supplies.

In Africa, China, Japan and other parts of Asia, cardiovascular disease remained unknown.

When Japanese citizens immigrated to Hawaii where the water was chlorinated, they suffered the same rate of heart attacks as the Americans.

In 1967, Dr J Price experimented with a group of 50, three months old chickens.

He added a third of a teaspoon of chlorine bleach to about 1 liter of water whilst another group of chickens serves as controls.

Seven months later over 95% of the chlorinated group had advanced atherosclerosis, while NONE of the control group showed any deterioration of the heart and arteries!

This experiment was repeated many times, not just on chickens, but also on monkeys and other animals, always with the same results.

Chlorinated water not only damages your heart and arteries, but scientists also discovered that it creates an unnatural frequency pattern in your body.

This sets off dissonant thought patterns, which can make you disagreeable, moody and out of tune with your normal, harmonious self.

You can see that chlorinated water is a huge problem for our society, creating a dramatic increase of diseases.

Here is what you can do to protect yourself:

  • Get a good quality water filter.
  • Fill a jug with water and leave it in the sun, or in an open container for a couple of hours before consuming it. The chlorine will evaporate.
  • Have Colloidal Iodine drops to protect your body from chlorine and fluoride uptake. Colloidal Iodine will also help repair your heart and arteries, as well as your brain. You can take 5 to 10 drops per day, by applying it topically on your skin or adding it to your drinking water.
  • For more information on Iodine and how vitally important it is to your health, download our free iodine book here.

Take 1 or 2 Beetflow capsules three times per day to help protect your heart and arteries from toxic chlorine, fluoride and many other environmental toxins.

Beetflow contains the all-important nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is one of the most important molecules in your body.

Without it, your blood wouldn’t flow well and nutrients and oxygen wouldn’t be able to reach all the cells in your body, making you more susceptible to heart disease and other health challenges.

Today, more and more people are looking for natural ways to increase their levels of nitric oxide so they can safeguard their health and improve their performance.

That is almost everyone, from busy parents, to weekend warriors and workers of all kinds.

Have you ever wished you could have all of these things:

  • More energy,
  • Feel less winded and wiped out after ‘an honest day’s work’,
  • Upgrade your health and fitness levels,
  • Safeguard your brain, heart and arterial health,
  • And, you want to get started boosting your nitric oxide levels?

First, let’s take a look at where this unique molecule comes is found, and how it works in your body.

Health-promoting nitrates in beetroots boost the production of nitric oxide in the cells that line your arteries.

These cells, called endothelial cells, line the entire interior surface of your circulatory system – from your heart to your distant capillaries, promoting healthy blood flow.

Healthy blood flow is what helps your body function at its best.

Your blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your brain and other organs.

It nourishes and oxygenizes your immune system and muscles, and helps keep your heart beating.
It’s essential for energy production and carries away wastes and carbon dioxide.

So, Beetflow and Iodine are two important supplements that will support you in your decision to create the healthiest version of yourself, regardless of everything our modern-day society throws at you.

You CAN protect yourself against chloride, fluoride and many other toxins, and live a long and healthy life!

Your body has the blueprint for perfect health.

All you have to do is implement a few changes, like the ones we suggested, and your body will run with it!

Beetflow and Iodine can be bought as a stand-alone product, but they also come as a package in the Ultimate Vitality Boost.

The Ultimate Vitality Boost contains the four pillars of health support: Beetflow, Iodine, Omnizyme, a very important enzyme mixture, and Immuno-Synbiotic Restore, and world class probiotic mixture.

Enzymes help your body digest your food properly as well as clean up any rubbish and wastes from every system in your body. (Including chlorine)

And, it goes without saying that everyone needs to supplement with a great probiotic, because toxins, stress and antibiotics kill our Microbiome, which is our immune system!

Pete and I are here to help you, so don’t suffer in silence!

If you are experiencing pain, stress, overwhelm, chronic health issues, mental or emotional trauma, we can help you.

We look after people of all age groups, from babies to the very elderly.

Ring our friendly team on 03 64283007 OR click here to visit our website for more information and to shop online !

We are open Monday to Thursday from 9 AM to 5 PM!

Thank you for reading this!

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