Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed an interesting trend with clients booking in.

They all had quite different health issues, but it boiled down to one and the same.

  • Gut and hormonal issues,
  • Gut and skin issues,
  • Gut and mental health issues, depression, anxiety,
  • Gut and candida issues.

Do any of these, sound familiar to you too?

The common denominator is the gut.

That’s where it all starts ….. and also where it all starts to fall apart.

Our gut is often referred to as our first brain.

There are more neurotransmitters in the gut than in the brain.

Traditional medicine will often bypass the gut issues and only look at the mind, brain, skin, hormones etc. and start treating the symptoms.

What you need is a completely new foundation for your nervous system and brain to recover.

This foundation is your microbiome and this needs to be restored.

Having a healthy intestinal tract will improve everything; and building up a good microbiome is as crucial as having a healthy heart, brain, or liver.

If we don’t, we won’t ever have healthy brain function.

Did you know that our brain takes 25% of our body’s energy?

And it requires a very even energy source.

The fuel source to give us that is fats and good oils (monounsaturated).

I recommend everyone follow a low carbohydrate and high healthy fat diet.

This will not only treat your brain with that beautiful even energy source, but it also won’t be feeding your candida either as yeasts feed on sugars!

When we eat too many sugars (more than one teaspoonful to be exact), or foods that convert to more than one teaspoonful of sugar, we are converting all the rest to stored fat.

We firstly store it in our liver, when then means the liver can’t filter the waste from the body properly.

This causes the waste to build up, quite often under the skin.

This is the major cause of skin problems.

The liver becomes clogged with stored fat and is unable to filter the blood properly, so the skin is trying to excrete waste instead!

Beetflow is; therefore, required to restore the flow of bile (the bodies waste) from the liver.

Firstly, this is needed to neutralise the stomach acid content as it enters the small intestine. (If this doesn’t happen our good gut bacteria will be killed by the stomach acid.)

Secondly, it is required in order to digest the fats, that fuel and give you nice even energy all day long.

Thirdly, Candida (which is a yeast) will die off because it will be starved of sugars when you convert to fats for fuel.

And the good gut bacteria will get it back under control within the intestines.

The  Ultimate Vitality Boost package is also a great way to start feeling better by boosting your liver function and making you feel more energized and having cleaner, clearer skin.

The Ultimate Vitality Boost Package, which includes Beetflow (to get the bile runny), Omnizyme (enzymes to help digest all types of food, so you get the nutrients), Immuno Synbiotic Restore (a probiotic), and Iodine has helped thousands of our clients regain amazing health.

For more information on the Ultimate Vitality package download the Ultimate Vitality Boost Guide.

We have bundled them together in a discounted pack to encourage you to buy them because we know that they will set you on the path of increased energy and vitality.

Combine the above with as much “magnesium complete” your bowel will tolerate daily, and you will be the best version of yourself.

You deserve it!

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