Do you suffer with bloating?

Do you feel far too full after meals?

Do you complain of having stiff and aching joints?

Do you have diarrhoea following eating, or feel flushed, or have difficulty breathing?

Maybe you pass undigested food or get indigestion? Burping or reflux?

In Australia Inflammatory Bowel Disease is becoming more prevalent, and more complex, and more severe.

It affects approximately 1 in 250 people aged between 5 to 40, according to www.crohnsandcolitis.com.au website.

Almost 75,000 Australians have Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

This number projected to increase to 100,000 by 2022.

So if you get lots of gas and flatulence or suffer with griping belly aches the doctor called IBS, you may actually have inflammatory bowel disease of some description!

I have seen thousands upon thousands of clients at our facilities and my testing shows exactly where their digestion is broken.

I know that ‘broken’ is a strong word, but I want to get through to you that when you suffer from the above mentioned symptoms, your body is in real distress.

The truth is:

What is the use of eating unless we get the nutrients from the food?

Nutrients are tiny little particles of matter such as minerals and trace minerals, amino acids, vitamins, triglycerides and polysaccharides.

These particles are needed to create an amazing new body for you almost every 12 months!

Cells are continually dying and being replaced with new ones.

Around 80% of the body is replaced in 6 months!

Are you astounded?! Well you should be!

If you complain of any of the above symptoms, not only is your digestion in trouble but what’s worse, your cells are not getting what they need.

That means behind the scenes your body is starting to fall apart.

Meet Gary, who came to me with debilitating inflammation in his large bowel.

He was in constant pain with frequent trips to the toilet with diarrhoea.

Not only was his work disrupted continually, his leisure time was disrupted. He was lying low most of his free time, not knowing when he’d have to race to the loo!

He loved playing golf but over the past year, prior to seeing me, he had only managed to complete 4 to 6 holes of the course about 3 times.

He was getting to the point where he was asking himself if life was worth living!

Within a couple of weeks of his appointment he returned to tell me he’d played 18 holes of golf without one interruption!

He was spending a full 8 hours on the building site now, rather than cramped up in one of those tiny disgusting mobile loos for half his working day.

Not only that, his plans to marry and spend a beautiful 3 weeks in the Whitsundays were back on the drawing board.

He was happy, his fiancée was over the moon and his boss was pleased as well!

Gary’s digestion hadn’t been the only thing not functioning correctly.

After years of his body not receiving proper nutrition his love life had come to a stand-still as well.

With the Biomedx testing I was able to recommend lifestyle and dietary changes to achieve total homeostasis.

Mentally, physically and emotionally Gary was in a great place again.

I want these results for everyone!

You might be thinking that you have a “good” enough diet.

However, unless you’re digesting the foods properly and assimilating the nutrients your body will continue to break down faster than it can repair itself.

you are not what you eat, you are what you digest and assimilate

Maybe your eyesight is deteriorating more rapidly than you wish?

You may suffer with low libido and yet you are in a loving relationship?

You might be the one of those 3 people who will get cancer in his or her lifetime?

Or perhaps your GP is writing an ever growing list of prescriptions, making you feel more and more helpless?

I guarantee you will never have a deficiency of any medication except if your pancreas doesn’t produce insulin or you’ve had your thyroid or adrenals removed. You will need to replace the hormones they normally produce.

I suggest that you consider asking your GP every time he or she writes you a prescription, “Do I have a deficiency of that drug/medicine?”

Unlike medical drugs, you can certainly have deficiencies of vital nutrients needed for ongoing excellent health.

You may have even been born with certain deficiencies!

Minerals and trace minerals are lacking in our soils in Australia.

This has created nationwide mineral deficiency in the Australian population showing up as thyroid disorders, lethargy, apathy and loss of motivation.

To have boundless energy every one of our cell’s little power houses need to be producing maximum amounts of continual energy.

Did you know:

If all our cells are working well and we could harness all the energy they produce, each one of us could light up the city of Hobart!

Unbelievable hey?

Yes, very incredible when some days you don’t seem to have the energy to literally drag yourself out of bed in the morning!

Have you felt like this? You don’t need to waste your life feeling like this, believe me.

I would love for you to experience boundless energy, so you get to enjoy family times and outings with your friends.

So you feel creative at work and at home.

You can have a life of freedom and full of fun times.

At the Purple House I have tested thousands of clients and I promise you that when you implement the recommendations I make for you, your health will turn around.

It will happen within a matter of weeks.

I have seen this over and over…

Even the sickest and most exhausted clients make a comeback.

During the consultation I check whether your cells are truly in balance or whether you have been given Band-Aid medications.

When imbalances are discovered I laser coach you during the same session.

I educate you in what these imbalances mean for you. You’ll also be shown how to create positive change with dietary changes and/or individualized supplementation.

Have you ever thought “I probably should take a multivitamin for a while” and grabbed one from the supermarket shelf as you do the grocery shopping?

The problem is: how do you know it suits your deficiencies at the time? You don’t!

And you have just wasted more time, money and energy.

This is where my Biomedx testing comes to the rescue.

The 26 scientific tests I do will determine exactly where you are out of balance and what you need to bring a bounce back into your step!

The change in you will be visible within days.

People will start remarking: “Your skin is glowing, what are you doing different?”

Or “You are looking so much brighter. Your eyes are sparkling. What’s changed? Have you won the lottery or something?”

Or: “What’s wrong with you these days? I just can’t keep up with your energy!”

The list goes on…

I would like you to be on the receiving end of these kind of comments because you are feeling so energetic and happy in your skin.

Ring Leica or Eve on 03 6428 3007 to book in now so that you can begin your journey to your renewed, bouncing, bubbly self.

Start now to give your new cells what they need to create a much happier, healthier and younger body.

PS. I actually suffered with deep, dark bouts of depression myself in the past which almost ruined my marriage and has marred my relationships with my children.

I was totally unaware that it stemmed from my digestive system not functioning as it was designed to.

This all turned around quite quickly when I was introduced to enzymes and probiotics that help break my food down properly.

And now I’ve also learnt to give my brain a nice, even energy all day long so it will function as it is meant to.

Did you know our brain requires over 25% of our energy?

It needs it in a constant flow, not a bit here and a bit there in hit and miss style!

I would love you to also be able to supply your brain with this continual energy so you can feel happy and enjoy life to the full, with rich fulfilling relationships.

This is what we all deserve and I want the same for you!

Book now for a Complete Health Analysis/ Biomedx Consultation using the link below or ring Leica or Eve at the Purple House Wellness Centre on 03 64283007

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Yours to great health! Peter