The cause of about 65% of health problems is dehydration (a salt and water deficiency). When the dehydration is corrected, many so-called incurable illnesses are greatly improved. 

A few are asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, arthritis, anxiety, obesity, M.S., cancer, Lupus, etc

High blood pressure is primarily the result of a dehydrated body. The body has to elevate the pressure in order to see that every cell gets enough blood, which is 94% water

Mineral deficiency can also cause people to be salt sensitive and raise the blood pressure.

Heart disease is similar.

High Cholesterol is the result of a dehydrated body needing more cholesterol to seal the water in the cells, to minimize water loss. 

Asthma is a problem produced in a dehydrated person when the brain deliberately constricts the bronchials in order to prevent water loss. 

Drinking two glasses of water (for an adult having this problem) and then putting a pinch of salt on the tongue will stop an asthma attack in minutes. 

Salt inhalers also work great in preventing and overcoming asthma. We sell them at our centre along with Himalayan Salt which is $10 per kilo.

Salt water will normalize high and low blood pressure. 

Himalayan Salt directly on the tongue will stop allergic reactions or anaphalectic shock. 

Drinking your daily quota of water @ 1 litre for every 30kg of bodyweight, mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt, will give you your spark back. 

We have many testimonials, but for now, enjoy this talk. 

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