International teacher, Reiki Master, and reknowned therapist Sarah Anne Barker is presenting a talk on:

The Aura Soma Pocket Rescue set

Tuesday evening the 21st November, 7pm 


RSVP 64283007


This free information session is a must for conscious parents, people in crisis or anyone who is interested in their spiritual journey. These colourful oils are an amazing collection of very powerful and supportive energies for when you, your family, and even your pets, have an immediate need.

I am so looking forward to this evening! Here is a short intro:



We call this system the ultimate wellness system!

Two examples:

This bottle is well known for its inner child qualities and as a loving and nurturing support for pregnant women and newborn children. It is also powerful as an aid to releasing past issues (especially fears, guilt and self-judgements) and breaking free of old habits and beliefs. Do you want to end a cycle or pattern of behaviour that no longer serves you? Try B20 and let your future be shaped from a new perspective on life. Apply to all parts of your body

ETHERIC RESCUE – B26 (Orange/Orange)
This is also one of the most popular and versatile of the Aura-Soma products. It is the shock absorber, and is incredibly effective for restoring strength and focus after a shattering experience. For any shock situation – accident, illness, loss of a job, breakdown of a relationship, etc – this bottle will help you “get it together again”.
If you’re wanting to examine a past traumatic incident and understand the message in it or the quality or resource that you possess that emerged as a gift from the incident, then regular use of B26 will help you in that process. If you hear someone saying “I’ll never get over it”, or “I’ve never been the same since…”, then B26 can help them. Apply around your entire abdomen and down the left side of your body from earlobe to ankle.


I look forward to seeing you there!