Why choose The Purple House?

With our help, clients have completely transformed their lives from gaining clarity, uncovering and dealing with deep seated emotions and trauma to saying goodbye to pain permanently!

I had the privilege to attend a weekend workshop hosted by Grada recently.

For years I’ve been on a journey to heal myself, trying to eat all the right foods, take the right supplements, finding the right balance with work, but still feeling drained, looking exhausted, not realizing that I was carrying all this sadness within. Thinking if I didn’t think about things they would just go away, thinking that was how I was meant to react to events, looking at them from a distance, if I kept things at a distance they couldn’t hurt me.

Well now I have a better understanding about how our emotions drain our life force. I have tools to help me express my feelings and also a greater understanding and compassion for others, as we are all the same, all connected. The biggest change for me apart from physically looking alive again was awareness of who I am! It’s ok to be me. It’s ok to be genuine and real, instead of always thinking I must say the right things and do the right things so I don’t upset people. Now knowing this comes from my childhood, mustn’t upset mum or dad – anyway I’m loving the person I am becoming, I’m loving that if I haven’t anything to say thats ok too.

I love how my husband can cuddle me and I can feel his energy because I have shown him now how to connect with his Dantien (womb space), amazed at his energy and how safe it makes me feel.
And might I add I’ve never had energy ever like this before!

Thankyou Grada, I’ve always been aware how much you and Peter laugh, I hear you laughing easily all day at work and it makes me smile, your energy is constantly flowing like a little stream for everyone you come into contact with, inspiring, genuine and real.
Thankyou Universe, thankyou Grada
M.N. x

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