Soon after moving here, we bought a daffodil collection with lots of different varieties.

Initially, we sold the bulbs when they multiplied. It must have been around this time of year because we displayed the flowers in a room which later became part of our startup massage clinic.

Now guess what? We are back to that same space, 20 years later with just Grada and myself running the show on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

And the daffodils are at their best again, so that means spring is nearly upon us!

We seem to have been in a time warp.

Winter sped by this year, even though we have had to slow right down with the lockdowns….. which shows that sometimes you have to slow down to speed up!

And now with the beautiful spring bulbs brightening our lives, it is a great time to get into gear for a new season of action after the dormancy of winter.

A good spring clean…

Generations back people would turn their houses inside out and clean everything from top to bottom after winter.

It was a great kickstart into the new season.

This is very symbolic of our bodies.

They could do with something like it after the winter hibernation to boost our vibrancy, so we match this time of nature’s rebirthing.

We may have been having a few too many comfort foods in the colder months especially if we have been locked away in isolation.

YEAST EX and a good probiotic like IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC RESTORE will help clear any build-up of yeast or fungus that the extra carbs or alcohol may have created.

To get your heart pumping easier and the liver and kidneys filtering, DRINK MORE WATER!

Keep yourself hydrated.

This also helps the liver to rid the body of waste efficiently, giving it dilute blood which is easier to filter.

Nitric acid and Taurine are two important nutrients that then assist the liver to drain the waste properly, by dilatation of the little biliary ducts.

Red beets are high in nitric acid. BEETFLOW (which we normally stock) has a lot of this, including taurine and another couple of ingredients to help complete the detoxification process.

Unfortunately, the company is having difficulties obtaining ingredients for Beetflow due to the lockdowns so I found some fermented beetroot capsules.

These combined with taurine capsules can achieve a similar effect.

Breaking your food down properly will give you the nutrients necessary for the increased activities of spring.

A good enzyme mix such as DETOXICATOR will not only assist with this but will also help the body’s natural detoxification pathways, i.e. liver and bowels.

One capsule each meal is essential for the breakdown of food into easily assimilated nutrients.

It also absorbs toxins from the bowel keeping your tummy comfortable and relaxed.

Our physical bodies aren’t the only parts of us that could do with a good detox.

During our childhood or when we experience trauma, we often split into lots of smaller parts.

Clogging up our nervous systems.

Quite often we will be operating from one of these parts, particularly when we are under stress.

Integrating these parts together and making them whole again frees up tremendous energy and prevents us from sabotaging our true selves.

“I would rather be whole than good”

Sigmund Freud

“The whole is greater than the parts” is another great saying.

The more whole and complete we become, the more energised and resilient we feel.

Grada and I have found “Shadow Work” extremely helpful with this mental and emotional detox.

Often there are things we would never ever wish anyone to say we were.

Shadows are deeply suppressed parts of us that we are ashamed of.

We never want to be seen as these qualities.

If we are not prepared to own and integrate these shadows, they will keep tripping us up.

Plus it takes a lot of energy in the body to keep them suppressed.

How can you uncover your shadows?

A great way is to check what triggers you in your partner or colleagues etc, we can guarantee it’s within ourselves but we can’t see it.

It’s like a blind spot. That is why it is called a shadow.

A woman in a training we attended said “I could never assault or murder somebody. I abhor violence.”

The instructor said for her to imagine walking down the street with her young daughter and the instructor coming along and snatching her daughter away or molesting her.

She immediately shouted “I’d kill you, you bastard!”

What we dislike in another is in ourselves, and when we integrate our lost parts we become whole and unstoppable.

We no longer have that monkey on our shoulder saying “Who do you think you are? You can’t do that, you are not good enough.”

Our confidence will blossom like the daffodils in spring.

Yours to great health and happiness! Peter

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