It’s a few days after Christmas, and as I am cleaning up the breakfast dishes, I notice the blood pressure machine on the bench.

That’s odd! I think to myself.

I wonder if Pete is feeling OK.

The Robertson’s have a bit of a history with high cholesterol, high blood pressure numbers, even though they are all lean, fit, strong and virtually unkillable.

Peters mum lived till she was 95 and was never sick, even defying her medical statistics that used to worry her GP.

Pete is nowhere to be seen, I guess he is feeding our animals, so I continue stacking the dishwasher.

When he walks in half an hour later, he informs me that he is feeling ‘rotten’.

He has already done his own health checks, and assured me his BP was very healthy, and so were his other tests, but that doesn’t mean he is actually feeling any better.

He is spinning out, feeling dizzy and nauseous.

Now, this may not seem so bad to the average person, but I am a bit alarmed because Peter is always rock solid healthy. He can work all day and all night and just keep going, such is his stamina.

I quickly do my own health checks on Peter and I immediately notice big energy blockages inside his head and inside the right side of his body.

It felt as if a fuse had blown, and I kept worrying about a stroke (always the optimist), and whether I should ring the ambulance.

Pete assured me that it was probably an inner ear issue like labyrinthitis, from eating too many carbs over Christmas.

We normally stick to a low carb high fat diet, but we had been gorging on own raspberries with cream nearly every day, so Pete decided to blame the raspberries.

Yes the raspberries!

Could something as healthy, fresh and full of vitality like freshly picked raspberries cause inflammation and illness?

Most likely!

Normally Peter’s main source of fuel consists of butter, cream, the Purple house smoothie, and things like chicken soup with a dollop of coconut oil….

So incredibly high fat and very low carbs.

However, for Christmas lunch Pete threw caution in the wind, and baked his annual Pumpkin Pie, which we actually had for breakfast as well as lunch on Christmas day.

And that was only the start of a very weird week, diet wise.

Now his body was letting Pete know, in no uncertain terms, to get back on the straight and narrow, or else!

There isn’t much you can do when the whole world is spinning around!

Pete ended up taking it easy most of the day and I relished in the fact that I got to have Pete all to myself.

I didn’t have to share him with his chores, or other projects.

We ended up eating chicken soup for dinner, followed by a hot magnesium bath and an early night.

Peter takes the Ultimate Vitality Boost every day, which consists of one Beetflow, Omnizyme and Immunosynbiotic every meal, and he starts his day with 2 glasses of filtered water plus his iodine drops.

This keeps him very healthy,

But now we had to find out the hard way, that too much fresh fruit suddenly will cause even the Peters in the world to spring a leak!

Pete declared that he was going back on his normal diet (which is still very delicious by the way).

I woke up this morning in the middle of a dream, showing me a new healing technique that would fix Peter.

Thank you, divine guidance!

After breakfast, I chucked Peter on the treatment table in our consultation room. I had already noticed that his energy pattern had not changed from the day before.

I suspected that Pete not only had too many raspberries, but he had also blown a fuse somewhere, as if his subconscious mind had allowed a big chunk of an iceberg to come adrift, and now it was trying to integrate the new situation inside his cells.

When an old belief system collapses, it releases a lot of toxins in the body.

I mean, it’s great to dissolve limiting beliefs, but it can trigger a healing crisis in the body, because our body is much denser than our spirit.

Our spirit will go “Yes, I get it!” when you experience an epiphany, but our body takes a while to integrate the new you.

Pete and I have been working on integrating many of our dark shadows this year and on become much more aware of how we process our reality.

Perhaps something finally gave way in Peter.

Pain, illness and healing are always very multifaceted.

We are walking mysteries.

Mystery is short for missing history. All of us cannot remember parts of our history, and this is where life gets so complicated.

We believe that our past, our childhood was happy and amazing, yet the cells of our body, are dealing with unhealed traumas every day.

And that is OK.

What isn’t OK is the fact that we don’t recognize how hard our bodies work, how brilliant our subconscious mind is at hiding things, and how we live in denial to our own history most of our lives.

Healing starts when we are open to the possibility that trauma did happen and that our conscious mind only remembers about one billionth of our past.

Healing requires that we are open to receive and integrate what needs to surface.

And not deny it, push it away, or disbelieve it.

Nobody really knows what goes on in the depths of our subconscious minds. If people say they do, they are lying to you!

As a healer, I can pull out some of the stories, and give my clients clues that will help them put pieces of the puzzle together, so they can put things to rest.

I do that by setting up direct communication to the body/mind.

It always feels as a huge relief on the inside!

So that is what happened with Peter today.

I did not want him to suffer a stroke! I wanted him to be free from pain, so he can enjoy his holiday period with the kids and grandkids. He deserves it.

He even deserves to eat his raspberries once a year, without side effects. (but not bucket loads!)

I implemented the new technique and now Peter is feeling as good as gold, better than normal even!

His energy body is all balanced. No energy blocks anywhere.

The only thing I miss is that I have lost him to the Universe again.

I mean he isn’t resting next to me, so I can’t chat to him all day long.

For good measure, Peter is taking extra doses of Beetflow. His energy was blocked on the right side, which usually implicates the liver.

His liver probably went into shock from all the fructose and carbs.

Remember that our bodies don’t have a cut off switch to say: “Too many fructose molecules! Please stop eating!”

Our bodies aren’t capable of doing that, and while we gorge on delicious, so called healthy fresh fruits, the conveyer belts in the liver are spilling over and jamming up.

So please be careful with how much fruit you eat, especially now, with the cherry season and all the rest!

Fructose in fruits also impairs your thyroid, and once your thyroid is affected, you pile on the pounds! (as well as a myriad of other things)

Instead of juices, drink water, herbal teas or organic coffee.

Have a pot of bone broth or chicken soup in the fridge for when you get the sugar cravings!

Fill up on organic butter, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil and olive oil.

Oils are healing and calming to the nervous system and strengthen the integrity of your cell membranes. But you need a healthy liver to digest oils, and for this you might need Beetflow.

Wishing you a wonderful, healthy and rewarding 2021!

Lots of love, Grada and Pete!

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