by Sarah Lansdown of The Advocate newspaper

The Forth resident recalled the promise she made herself while having an “out of body” moment after the crash in January 2006.

More than ten years later, Mrs Robertson has followed through on that promise by self publishing her book You Are The Miracle.

The first part of the book details her migration from the Netherlands to live with her Tasmanian husband, Peter.

The couple opened a wellness clinic in their backyard and had six children, along with a menagerie of farm animals.

The second part of the book describes her recovery from the near-death experience that totally smashed her body.

She had 14 broken vertebrae, a broken pelvis, broken ribs, spinal cord damage, a ruptured liver and more.

A lengthy stint in hospital followed, with doubts she would ever walk again.

“If I focused on my injuries, I knew that wouldn’t work.

“I gave myself a bigger purpose.”

Two years after the accident when she was largely physically healed, she had a mental breakdown caused by post traumatic stress syndrome.

“When my mind was broken, it wouldn’t listen to me anymore.”

Mrs Robertson said she hoped her frank account of her life would help others overcome their trauma.

“I haven’t sanitized my past or anything like that. Some people even felt better after reading it,” she said.

“Ultimately, you are accountable for your own destiny.

“Everyone has trauma in their life, we’re all recovering from something.”

Mrs Robertson’s energy medicine centre at Forth, Purple House, has seen more than 13,000 clients over the last 20 years.

Her children own businesses including Love Your Guts, Alchemy Cafe, Forth Vet and Purple House Mazes.

You Are The Miracle is available online at the Purple House website and Amazon, and is in bookshops in Burnie and Devonport.

You Are the Miracle – How Being Hit By a Truck Saved My Life

Are you someone who has been on a spiritual path for a while, or a journey of self development, or conscious awareness?

We are all recovering from something. Some people spend an entire lifetime recovering from their childhood traumas. Others never fully recover, and the sad thing is that they don’t realise it. They just never feel good enough, and they blame themselves for just about everything.

Happiness or fulfilment is often just out of reach.

It really does not matter what exactly you are recovering from, one thing remains true – if you want success – your journey must begin with a passion for something bigger and better.

This is often put in the too hard basket. How can you be passionate about anything when you are in pain, feeling stressed or confused?

Attending one of Grada’s workshops will change all that.

I have just done the surge to success weekend with Grada and Peter, Wow!!! What an amazing course this is! You don’t realise how much emotional baggage you carry around with you that you don’t ever know is there!! I feel so refreshed and alive again, have found my spark again! Cannot thank Grada and Peter enough and for their hospitality too!! If you have ever considered doing this course don’t hesitate!! Life is much to short to be living a miserable life.
Cindy Smith
Some of the participants deep into their practices and exercises

There are many misconceptions about successful people.

“Wealthy people do what they do simply ‘for the money’.”

People who are extremely fit are just ‘lucky,’ they’ve got the ‘right genes’ and they can “eat whatever they want and get away with it.”
“‘Talented’ people are just born that way.” I recovered in record time because I had “special powers.”

Yet the reality is that these types of opinions really miss the mark.

Everyone can turn their personal traumas into personal power especially with the help from somebody who has done it before.

Keeping positive change a constant in your life can also be achieved much easier after clearing those stubborn issues from your tissues.

Success (however you define it) can be yours – but you first need to get in touch with your authentic self, the real you, the superstar, your own incredible spirit that is hiding behind the surface.
Stop living an average life and take the first step to living your dream life!

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Grada’s Surge to Success program enabled me to open myself up to a whole new level of deep inner healing. I feel so thankful for Grada & for her huge effort at putting a life changing program together.

To this day I am still using all the tips & tools that I have learnt from the weekend workshop.

I am progressing along my healing journey & this is how Surge to Success has helped me grow;

I felt safe to drop my “protective” wall & express my feelings that had been holding me in silence and pain my whole life.

I felt a huge shift in my energy. You don’t know what you are carrying until you’ve let go of it. I felt light as if a huge bag of bricks had been lifted off my body (well it did!).

I felt peaceful & content, my mind was free of clutter, my confidence opened, I couldn’t stop smiling & laughing for a whole week. What a release it was to feel joyful!

Minor things weren’t bothering me. I felt so complete & whole as a person, as if the part of me who I thought had been missing my whole life happened to spark up inside for the very first time.

I was able to hold conversations with people instead of feeling like a nervous wreck on the inside & wanting to sink and run away from speaking.

It made me realize I can & it is OK to express my voice & feelings. This has been a huge hurdle in my life.

I felt alive.

Instead of sitting on the couch drinking my 2nd or 3rd morning coffee while contemplating about life & trying to find motivation…  I was up out of bed, walking and doing.

I wasn’t over-thinking, waiting or procrastinating for life to find me!

As my heart started to bubble & open from expressing buried feelings, I felt fully supported by the workshop group. This was a huge deal because I am a reserved person & don’t like to share much of my personal life.

It also opened my eyes that no one is alone in suffering and so my wish is for everyone to experience this incredible program.

Before joining Surge to Success, it was daunting to say the least, to even think about it but once you take the courage, I promise you will thank yourself for it.

The healing & energy during the workshop was beautiful and moving.

Thank you Grada for being the amazing teacher & leader that you are. You have made a huge impact along my healing journey.