It’s late and I am busy with a client when I hear the phone ring and ring. Normally clients leave a message on the answering machine, but this person just didn’t give up. After the fifth round of ringing my client tells me that I should probably answer it, in case there is an emergency somewhere.

“I need your help!” a woman’s voice yells hysterically into my ear. “I don’t know what to do! I am going to kill my daughter! Can you help me?” the person asks again.

The lady is meaning business, and won’t let me hang up till I have booked her daughter in the next day, after school.

This is how I got to know Jennifer and her daughter Bri (fake names, true story). When they walked in I could see Jennifers self esteem was in tatters, and Bri wouldn’t make eye-contact with me. After filling in the required history forms I suggested for Jennifer to cool off under tree while I took Bri under my wings. I knew only too well how teenage daughters can bring you to the brink of suicide. I used to think I was the only one, till I discovered that there are oceans of women out there, who would give and arm and a leg to turn back the clock, so they could have their darling daughters back. Or even better, to fast forward the clock, to the time where their own daughters are now dealing with their own teenage ogres.

Today Jennifer and Bri had hit a new low in their relationship: they had become so exasperated that mum and daughter had pulled each other’s hair and Bri had accidently ripped Jennifer ear, after she got hold of her earrings.

Not far into my healing session with Bri I become aware that there is an issue of sexual abuse. I wasn’t sure if the girl herself was the victim or whether it was Jennifer. I do a healing correction and decide to suss it out with the mum before I open a potential can of worms with Bri.

“Can I talk to you in the garden Jennifer? Jennifer nods a yes, and wonders what comes next.

“I won’t sugar coat what I want to talk about. I think that Bri has memories of sexual abuse in her body. I haven’t mentioned it to her yet, because I wasn’t sure if it was her own stuff or yours but it is causing energy blocks and unrest in her body, especially now with all her hormones raging.. If Bri is carrying your stuff you are probably mirroring deeply locked in unconscious stresses to each other, which is rubbing salt in your wounds.

Jennifer immediately knows what I am talking about.

They aren’t my memories, she says in awe, they are my mums! She was raped as a young girl. Unfortunately, she had fallen pregnant, and been put away till the child was born and been adopted out. The secret had been hushed up and all I knew was that I have a half-sister or half-brother somewhere. I never talked to Bri about it. She knows nothing.

I feel confident that Bri will be a different person after today’s session, so you don’t need to tell her if you don’t want to. I assure Jennifer, who has gone very quiet.

I can see that for your little family unit to heal completely you need a few energy healing sessions as well, so we can remove some of that guilt and grief that’s accumulated over the years. Who knows, your mum might feel a sense of relief as well because that is how energy healing works. It doesn’t require hours or years. You will all feel a lot more relaxed around each other. I suggest.

I didn’t know these memories are so powerful. I thought they would have dissipated after 50 years or so! She exclaims.

Well, the way I look at it is that feelings of pain, fear, humiliation and abandonment to name a few are extremely uncomfortable. People think they are going to die from the intensity if they allow themselves to feel their feelings, so we tend to sweep them under the carpet. Often these feelings are coupled with shame and guilt or unforgiveness. It is a big ask to forgive the person who rapes you and destroys your life! A strong emotional trauma energy remains imprinted in the blue print of the victim, which gets passed on to the next generation and the next. This stuff can fuel fights and cause rifts in relationships, or manifest as disease patterns or sibling rivalry, or intolerance between parents and children, like you are experiencing now. The reality is that as a family you form an energetic soup. That’s the reason we live in families, to accelerate our growth, because nobody presses our buttons as much as our closest relatives. Every day they mirror suppressions to us that we want to avoid looking at.

Jennifer was overcome with relief and gratitude when I explained her daily fights with Bri in this light. Eventually I got to know her issues intimately because she committed to regular sessions. She could see that her own healing journey helped restore the entire family timeline.


1) YOU ARE NOT ALONE! My guess from doing clinical work since 2000 is that one in two women has been abused and one in four men. Some health care workers/therapists would go as far as to say that EVERY woman has memories of coercion or exploitation. If you were molested by an uncle for instance, the statistics say that the average paedophile molests 117 youngsters. There are even studies that suggest the number is as high as 260 victims per paedophile. That means that there were at least another 116 or 259 children/cousins/friends/ people you know who were molested by the same uncle who groomed you. All these people feel the same unspeakable shame/guilt as you do.

2) Avoiding the painful memories might be short term gain, but it’s long-term pain. If you haven’t used any tissues (if you haven’t cried, which means you haven’t listened to the cries of your body) your issues remain stuck in your tissues and eventually manifest as all sorts of health problems, like a sore back, stiff neck, asthma, allergies, diabetes or worse, heart disease and cancer. YOUR ISSUES BECOME YOUR TISSUES!

Please seek the help you deserve and contact the Purple House on 64283007. Or click this link to find out more:

If you don’t want to confide your issues to the receptionist, just suggest that you are looking for help and want a Combination Treatment $145 ($195 with Grada). Even if you don’t have active memories, but just a sense of unease around certain times in your past, you will be surprised how much your body is able to tell you! Finally you understand why you always react in a certain way, or why your relationships never worked out, or why you have always had that pain in your neck and now it is gone!

Much love, Grada