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Your head is like a jigsaw puzzle!

Did you realise that your head is like a jigsaw puzzle? It’s made of many pieces of bone which fit together in a very intricate, three dimensional way. At birth it’s made up of even more bones because a newborn baby’s head has to be malleable to pass through the birth canal. This is where […]

If only I knew then what I know now! – Sarah Anne Barker

Wanting to work with the people and not just a part of them and an anonymous name on a form was the primary reason I left the medical laboratories. The training I received was exemplary, thorough, based in academia and with a rich experiential base. But I have known for many years just how limited it […]

Every face tells a story, not just one of looks and life, but also nutritional Deficiencies


We all take for granted that we change as we mature and age, we kind of get used to the fact that eventually the jaw line begins to sag a little, lines appear at the side of the eyes and maybe those vertical lines above the top lip. The face, instead of being plump cheeked […]

A little boy called Daniel (By Sarah Anne Barker)

Years ago when I was a medical microbiologist, people were names on forms and specimens in bottles and that was as close as I got to the human story. The laboratory was an interesting world but divorced from people. We did, however, become particularly involved in very serious cases such as septicaemias, gastro outbreaks, whooping […]