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Get Cultured

Learn the art of fermenting and discover the benefits of probiotic foods for health and healing. Join Caleb for a fun, hands on workshop as he shares his love of fermentation. He will be talking cultures, wild fermentation and sharing and array of nutritious live foods including” Kefir Sauerkrauts Fermented veggies Kombucha Mead Sourdough Kimchi […]

Is Iodine deficiency making you retarded?     Iodine, the miracle cure part 3:     Why your baby needs it too

Linda, a young mum of two is pregnant again. One of her daughters overcame asthma and allergies by having some sessions at the Purple House, making a few dietary changes and by having plenty of Himalayan Salt and iodine drops every day. Now Linda is concerned because the Dr and the midwife have told her […]

From rolling pins to love letters and back again. How blood analysis can change your life!

Now I know how Jonah must have felt after he was swallowed up by the whale and spat out three days later. I have just emerged from the bowels of my house where I spent three whole days sorting, cleaning and moving out rubbish. It all started with that dreadful storm we had last Wednesday. The […]